1-Star Hunts Video Series by Garlaanx

Hey console folks! When it comes to Hunting, Garlaanx has you covered! After publishing his first video series about the Trophies and sharing some thoughts on the blog, he was at it again this week detailing the 1-Star Hunts. He did separate video guides on Dendar, Arachne, Hedetet, Karkinos, Split-Ti and Clawgrace. Granted, all the Hunts are pretty easy in that you need to buy the lure and go to the Hunt and kill it, but new players still might want to go through the basics to be prepared. Have fun with the attached playlist!

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYT6Xz7EsZk” playlist=”E_ISDf1I0Wg,IC39banlQ6M,6M3jowonmDo,WM8y8KtAMTY,O1HIJ04LGVA” https=”yes”]

Some Key Points

Garlaanx rightfully points out that you need to be adequately equipped to handle the fights solo. Otherwise consider bringing friends and make sure to have an emergency Life Scrolls ready. Because if you die, the lure will be lost.

Especially Dendar can hit hard and one-shot toons in certain situations. In that fight you should also try to focus on the adds to not get overwhelmed. Other 1-Star Hunts are able to dish out decent damage as well, like Hedetet for example. As DPS you should definitely avoid red and stay ranged if you can. Otherwise the fights like the videos show are rather simple and you normally shouldn’t run into too much trouble.

How do you like the video series by Garlaanx about the Hunting system? Share your thoughts in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board. You can also tweet him @Garlaanx or visit his Twitch channel!

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