All You Need to Know About the Lost City of Omu Release

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Neverwinter’s “Lost City of Omu” will is live on all platforms, so it’s about time for you guys to get primed for the update. We did test the module extensively in put out not less than 16 articles previewing all changes and additions. That’s why we can give you all the information in one handy place now! Down below is a list of all aspects of Module 13 with links to related articles for further reading. Have fun with it!

Campaign & Zone

The Lost City of Omu continues the story in Chult that started with the Tomb of Annihilation update. Adventurers advance to a new “Lost City of Omu” zone in their task to take down Acererak and his Soulmonger. Since Module 13 is basically an extension of earlier content, players need to have progressed through Tomb of Annihilation to continue. That’s why the adventure zone itself and the new campaign are also similar to their precursors. Most stuff will look very familiar. The campaign’s structure is actually a true copy of “Jungles of Chult”, just with another progression currency. Other features like Treasure Hunting are also well known.

However, there are some new features as well. You can farm the zone for unique rewards, explore a new solo lair “Fane of the Night Serpent” and work together with your instance to spawn a Heroic Event called “Wrath of Acererak”.

Endgame Itemization & Group Content

Also incorporated into the “Lost City of Omu” zone are new Hunts. The system matches the one in Module 12 in that you have to farm for Lures and Trophies and grind your way up to the capstone mob “Tyrant”. Once again Hunts hand out item level 480 rewards that come with some pretty unique and intriguing equip bonuses.

Players can advance to item levels of 510 and 520  as well. The Primal pieces of Module 12 can be upgraded to 510, and new Masterwork recipes offer gear that matches that. Additionally a full new line of Artifact Weapons can go as high as 520. For most of this stuff you will need to run the endgame content of Module 13, a trial called “Cradle of the Death God”. It supplies the required resources to upgrade the gear as weekly rewards.

Masterwork Professions

The Lost City of Omu brings a completely new tier of recipes for Masterwork Professions. It builds on the MW III Recipes of Module 11 and you have to have those unlocked to advance. The recipes as always are an alternate way to create unbound gear that matches the latest item levels (510). Mastercrafters also deliver new Artifact Weapons, Cloaks and Belts. As always, upgrading Masterwork Professions takes quite some time and even more Astral Diamonds.

Lockbox & Premium Items

Every module comes with a new lockbox, and Lost City of Omu is no different. The next one is called “Soulmonger’s” and adds to the line of dino mounts with a Triceratops. Additionally one set of the new Artifact Weapons is sold on the ZEN market and the premium Chultan Tiger will become the new “best in slot” active companion.

Quality-of-Life & Balancing

Thanks to “Rocktober”, Module 13 is heavy on bugfixes as all changes that were made in October now finally hit the live server. The devs also made some nice changes to loadouts (they include Mounts and Companions now) and filled a long-term request with a separate Fashion Bag.

The Scourge Warlock got a full balancing path, but not too much to the delight of its players. A sweeping change to balancing and the meta isn’t expected. Control Wizards are probably getting the most substantial DPS nerf while PVE TRs continue to hope for better days themselves. The support force of OPs, DCs and GFs will still rock the dungeons.

That’s our small primer for the Lost City of Omu! Have fun exploring the update! In case you have any questions, share them on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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3 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About the Lost City of Omu Release

  • September 28, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    This is Mod 13? But what is the name of this mod? The Lost City of Omu or Swords of Chult? Or something else?

    And what was Mod 12? Tomb of Annihilation or the River District? And what was Jungles of Chult? LOL!

    I get confused, as we started with:

    Fury of the Feywild, in the Sharandar zone/area
    Shadowmantle, in The Dread Ring zone/area
    Curse of Icewind Dale in the Icewind Dale zone/area

    then they started naming the Mods after the Area, or they were in pre-existing areas, EG Underdark was mostly in Dread Ring, Icewind Dale and Well of Dragons, and The Maze Engine was in… well, The Underdark!

    And Stormking’s Thunder is to the north of Icewind Dale.

    And now they are giving the mods specific titles but the areas they are in are different to the Mod title again.

    I’d be most grateful if someone could make a clarifyiung list!



    • September 29, 2018 at 7:16 am

      Mod 11: Cloaked Ascendancy (River District)
      Mod 12: Tomb of Annihilation (Soshenstar River, Chult)
      Mod 13: Lost City of Omu (Omu, Chult)

      “Jungles of Chult” is the campaign that spans over Mod 12 and 13.

  • September 29, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    So what the hell is Shroud of Souls? LOL!

    Thanks for this! So the “River District” is a different river in a different district to the Soshenstar river?

    I’ve been trying to glean some info from the Wiki. They seem to have sub-categories or sub-headings for the type of content in a Mod, where the Campaign may have a different name to the Area or the Mod itself:

    Mod = 12
    Module = Tomb of Annihilation
    Campaign = Jungles of Chult
    Area = Chult
    Adventure Zone 1 = Port Nyanzaru
    Adventure Zone 2 = Soshenstar River
    Skirmish = none
    Dungeon = Tomb of the Nine Gods
    Lockbox = Merchant Prince
    Weapon/Armor sets = Ascended Weapon Set

    Mod = 11
    Module = The Cloaked Ascendancy
    Campaign = The Cloaked Ascendancy
    Area = River District
    Skirmish = Illusionist’s Gambit
    Dungeon = none
    Lockbox = Many-Starred
    Weapon/Armor sets = none

    So, Shroud of Souls is Module 11a, because it does not have new boons, unlike Rise of Tiamat, which did? So RoT/WoD is Mod 5, not Mod 4a, because WoD had new boons on top of those from ToD?

    But SoS brought Loadouts, a new lockbox, new story, opened the Guild Hall etc but had no new boons. So that is an “expansion” to The Cloaked Ascendancy and called Mod 11a, instead of Mod 12?

    So is Mod 13 called Swords of Chult or The Lost City of Omu, as the Wiki seems to not know.

    I’m trying to bone up on this, as I really have done very little from Mod 10 onwards except for RAQs.

    All my Alts either have all (or almost all) the Boons from Mod 1 to mod 8, except for Elemental Evil and Strongholds. That’s another reason the Campaign Buyout Bundle is not worth it for me. All I’d really get after checking it out yesterday is Storm King’s Thunder and EE.

    Is it true that it takes 100 days to complete SKT? That might make the SKT Campaign Buyout worthwhile, but not at 2000 Zen per character. Again, I’d prefer an account-wide unlock. I might even go to 5000 Zen, if it were Account-Wide.



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