Asterdahl Promises Upcoming Fix to Masterwork Recipe Inconsistencies

In case you’ve dug into the current update to Masterwork recipes, you have probably stumbled upon certain ones that are incredibly hard and expensive to complete. Pretty much anything that requires Allosaur Fangs is made of unobtainium and several of the new Artifact Equipment pieces cost more than 10M AD on the Auction House as well.

Masterwork profession are intentionally hard to complete. It’s the only source of unbound gear and designed for whole guilds and alliances to work together. But Asterdahl yesterday admitted that “the difficulty or demand are off by orders of magnitude”. That’s why some significant changes will come to make affected stuff more available.

  • The drop rate of allosaur fangs has been significantly increased.
  • The recipe to create “brilliant beads” now returns 1 brilliant bead when completed at tier 2, changed from 4 batiri prisms.
  • The recipe to create “fanged ornaments” now requires 6 allosaur fangs, down from 12.
  • The recipe to create “fanged ornaments” now returns 2 fanged ornaments on a tier 3 success, up from 1.
  • The recipe to create “feathered ornaments” now returns 2 feathered ornaments on a tier 3 success, up from 1.

You should expect severe price drops for recipes involving the mentioned Allosaur Fangs and the line of Masterwork Artifact Gear. Also sorry to those that already bought that stuff. You probably paid a couple million AD too much.

[su_quote]In the case of masterwork recipes that were added after Strongholds, which were developed while I was working on Assault on Svardborg (in the case of masterwork vol. III) and Cradle of the Death God (in the case of masterwork vol. IV & V) I provided the high level design, and in the case of the most recent set, some of the quest writing—however—the recipes themselves, the quests, and the explorer’s charts were implemented by a variety of other designers on the team whose help I am extremely thankful for.

After the recipes are implemented, I provide feedback and eventually, final checks on all recipes, to hopefully catch any significant inconsistencies in difficulty. If you spent any time on preview, you probably noticed a number of recipes changing dramatically immediately before release. Unfortunately, I clearly overlooked some details on the bead and ornament recipes, and that is on me. For that, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies, and thank everyone for their patience in dealing with those recipes.[/su_quote]

Already Issues in Module 11

This adds to the inconsistencies of Masterwork recipes. In Module 11 the Fartouched Residuum was the hardest resource to get. Since it is required to craft some of the Stronghold Weapons, those cost significantly more than the ones for other classes that don’t need the resource. It was something that was finally addressed in Module 13, far too late.

If there’s any lesson to learn, then to be very careful with obvious flaws. If something costs more than a fortune, it’s probably not intended. This by the way is a typical problem with rotating staff. As Asterdahl said, he was supervising the system, but others that never worked on the original recipes (and probably with much less experience overall) were trusted with the design process. That’s not ideal, but something we have to cope with around here quite often.

Did you have trouble completing the involved recipes and welcome the change? Or did you actually farm or spend AD on some of the stuff an now feel like your effort is getting “nerfed”? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board.

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One thought on “Asterdahl Promises Upcoming Fix to Masterwork Recipe Inconsistencies

  • March 28, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    “the difficulty or demand are off by orders of magnitude”

    How many orders of magnitude?

    2? So they are 100 times more rare than they should be?

    3? So they are 1000 times more rare than they should be?

    5? So they are 100,000 times more rare than they should be?

    So what did they fix? The drop rates? Did they increase the drop rate from 0.01% to 1.0%?

    No, they decreased the amount of required Unobtainium Uniqui-phosphate by 50%. 6 Fangs instead of 12?

    But what was the drop rate on those fangs?

    What is the drop rate now?

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