Bag of Tricks Vol. 59: Mythbusting the Quartermaster’s Enchantment

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Welcome to the latest installment of our Bag of Tricks! On some days you will find useful tricks, gimmicks and ideas here that can make life in Neverwinter Online easier. Some of the stuff should be well known, but since even veterans learn something new every now and then, chance is you can, too.

For the longest time there has been some confusion around the Quartermaster’s Enchantment, more specifically the percentage you need to get the best tier of drops from its packs. First tests thought they’d found the magic percentage at 10.5%, but that was later corrected to 11%. A new reddit post last week now concluded both are right, sort of.

It turns out 10.5% and 11% can both be sufficient depending on the number of utility slots you use to get your total. If you use six, the added percentage needs to be 11%. In case of five slots, you’ll only need to hit 10.5%. The ranks of the enchantments themselves do not matter as long as you hit these thresholds.

We hope that’s going to clear up the last bit of uncertainty, especially during Double Enchantment where everyone wants to open the packs. In case you’d like to know how the Quartermaster ranks up against other utility enchants, ask our Chettlebell. He knows stuff! Additionally here’s a list with all important facts about the Quartermaster:

  • The bags that drop from it are dependent on the mob level.
  • The level of the Enchantments that drop from the bags is dependent on the added percentage of all Quartermasters (10.5% or 11% for the best tier)
  • All other drops from the bags (Potions, Injury Kits) are dependent on the tier of the bag.

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3 thoughts on “Bag of Tricks Vol. 59: Mythbusting the Quartermaster’s Enchantment

  • June 24, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    Very enlightening, I always wondered why my 10.5% didn’t eliminate R5s like everyone told me it should.

  • June 24, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    Actually it’s not that either. I had only 8% by mistake I must add on & opened 380 of 480 bags & received rank 7s also however probably only averaged 6 or 7 over that whole amount. Put the rest of my quartermasters on 5% more & received 7 or 8 rank 7 drops for the last 100 bags.

    So the magic 10 – 11% is just a myth the more % at time of opening will increase the drop rate chance of getting higher ranks exactly as the tool tip states.

  • June 28, 2017 at 3:21 am

    Its not a myth, its been badly stated. The magic numbers relate to increasing the 7% AND ensuring that nearly all the rest are rank 6s and not 5s.

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