Bag of Tricks Vol. 57: Masterwork Cheat Sheet

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Welcome to the latest installment of our Bag of Tricks! On some days you will find useful tricks, gimmicks and ideas here that can make life in Neverwinter Online easier. Some of the stuff should be well known, but since even veterans learn something new every now and then, chance is you can, too.

Honestly, as buys or seller, are you lost in the Masterwork recipes? If that’s the case, don’t blame yourself because the recipe tree and dependencies are actually pretty confusing. There’s no way to quickly tell what resources you need to produce a certain item. Most require running a full batch of secondary tasks from which the requirements have to be added. Additionally the amount varies with the chance of successfully completing a task. Overall it’s quite a mess.

Masterwork Cheat Sheet

That’s why we created a Masterwork Cheat Sheet that calculates all dependencies and required resources for any given item of the new tier 3 Masterwork recipes. At this point it’s only available for OpenOffice, because it’s the only software that can handle redundancy. After you’ve downloaded the sheet, you want to do a couple things in the OpenOffice Calc settings:

  1. Deactivate Tools -> Cell Contents -> AutoCalculate. The spreadsheet is a bit clunky so it might make sense to do all your input first and then manually let it do the calculation (F9).
  2. Make sure Tools -> Options -> OpenOffice Calc -> Calculate -> Iterations is checked. It’s set to 500 on our test system.
  3. If for some reason the cells show errors, you might need to reopen the sheet.


What the sheet does is calculating all the resources you need for a given item list and show the required tasks to run. Simply specify your target items and target amounts at the top and let the sheet do the rest! If you scroll down, you are going to find different sections:

  • Required Resources are the resources that you need to farm or buy to start. This mainly includes Guild Marks, Explorer’s Cases and the new resources that drop from dungeons. This is all you need. All other stuff will be fed with these resources.
  • Guild Mark Shopping List is what you need to buy with your Guild Marks from different vendors.
  • Masterwork Temporary Structure Tasks: Now the Masterwork task list start. The “Need” column does no longer indicate how many resources you need to buy, but how often you need to run the task. Of course, for the temp structures it’s essentially the same, because running the task simply means buying the resource. Masterworkers however can also simulate crafting the resource. In that case just adjust “Chance” to whatever percentage you have for a Tier 3 result. The Guild Marks will disappear in the calculation in that case, because we are no longer buying from a vendor.
  • Masterwork Tasks: Adjust the task chances to whatever percentage you have for a Tier 3 result. Then the sheet will show you how often you need to run the task on average to get the resources you need.

What you can do with it

The sheet can be extremely helpful in many cases. Let’s say you want to start your Masterwork journey and have to get to the Masterwork II recipes first. You can add all the items you need to hand over to the Artisan and let the sheet calculate the necessary resources. The same can be done with Masterwork III recipes.

And then you can obviously look up the necessary ingredients for any Masterwork III item. Sellers could even extend the sheet and add AD costs to the resources to calculate a value for the Auction House.


As great as the sheet is, it’s still considered beta at this point. So please don’t bet your house on the data it generates and more importantly, double check whether the recipes were copied correctly. In case you find any error, let us know so we can correct it!

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