Best Devoted Cleric Builds and Resources For Mod 13

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First of all, please note that all links and resources here are class specific and might require common knowledge of the game. If you’re brand-new, you definitely want to check the “Guides -> New Players” section in the main menu first. Also, general resources and theorycrafting useful for most classes can be found under “Tools & Resources” and are normally not re-listed here.

Resource List

So you probably came here because you want to play a DC, eh? Well that’s great, because no matter whether you want to just copy a build or seek more information than the casual crowd, the links below are a great way to start!

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This is a compilation of links and resources that help in very basic areas of class and character management.

  • The official Neverwinter Wiki has all the basic information of what classes and races are available in Neverwinter.
  • When adding a new character in the game, Neverwinter unfortunately does a bad job educating players what bonuses ability scores come with and what distributions are possible. The wiki has all the relevant info here as well.

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Builds” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

For those that just want a viable build, here you go. Just do what those guys did and you should be fine.

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Character Tools” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

Multiple sites offer great tools to help building your character.

  • A gear ratings simulator is hosted by Neverwinter Uncensored and is updated for Module 13. Please note that you can only save characters if you’re logged in on our message board.
  • [Outdated – June 2016] For Feats and Powers, the current way to go is It’s still accurate for the current version of the game. The only way it’s labeled as outdated is because tooltips might not represent the current state of the game.
  • For other tools, look up the “tools” tab in the blog’s main menu.

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Resources” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

Theorycrafting and resources for dedicated players that do want to know why they are spamming certain buttons. If you haven’t played the class for a while, you probably won’t understand most of the following topics.

  • The most up-to-date and comprehensive guide to DCs is RJC’s “Help Me Michela!“. It contains all important information, theorycrafting, and comics!!!
  • [Mod 12] Darthtzarr’s Class Review is much more than that. It discusses almost every facet of the class, features solid theorycrafting, data, build advise and more.
  • Michela AP Gain table is your reference of how much base Action Points certain powers create. It’s very useful for builds that want a high daily uptime, and still very interesting for everyone else.
  • The same applies to the Power Sharing reference of Dupeks. It lists most relevant items and whether they add to base power (that can be shared) or not. A must-read for all you AC/DCs that want to become such a beast, and still very interesting for everyone else.
  • Elf’s Healing Build is outdated, but the Divinity Gain formula is still accurate. Just ignore the reference to the old PVP set bonus.
  • Arcgames user “nevertwi” did tremendous work on DC power animation times and power cancelling. The thread does not only contain raw data, but also rotation conclusions and some general talk about the topic.
  • [PC Only] Vira’s keybinds are very useful to aim with Exaltation. Greyjay also lists more stuff in the comments and you might want to check out Dupeks thread as well.
  • Evaluating the Devoted Cleric Changes was our coverage of the last big Devoted Cleric changes. Its listed here to add some context where the current state of the class is coming from.
  • [Outdated – Mod 5] Kaelac’s Module 5 Devoted Cleric Guide is still the bible for learning the class even though its very dated. It was the first extensive theorycrafting guide on the class and deserves a mention for that alone.
  • [Outdated] This At-Will comparison graphic was in Kaleac’s guide. Somebody may want to check if the values are still correct.

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Communities” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

As always communities form around certain classes in MMOs. Neverwinter is no different and here are some places to talk.

  • The Devoted Clerics of Neverwinter is a fairly active Facebook group.
  • [PC Only] The biggest custom ingame channel dedicated to Devoted Clerics is the “DC_channel”. You can find many great players there and a lot of advise for the class. Just type “/channel_join DC_channel” into the chat.

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This tab was meant to list stuff relevant for PVP, but despite asking around we weren’t able to dig something up. If you can help out, let us know!

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Gameplay & Fun” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

This tab contains gameplay videos, solo runs and fun stuff from the DC community. Most of it is historic and listed here to acknowledge the achievements. The list is sorted by date.


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7 thoughts on “Best Devoted Cleric Builds and Resources For Mod 13

  • November 27, 2017 at 8:09 am

    I am working on a build for a mid-to-endgame DC that has a combination of heals and buffs. I will let you know when it is available if you are interested in it.

    • November 27, 2017 at 10:00 am


  • December 3, 2017 at 5:52 am

    I undestand that you had to make do with whatever build you could find.

    However, it would be nice if you could at least clearly state that the right path to take for a new DC trying to buff his team is Divine Oracle, not Anointed Champion.

    DO is the best path for both personnal DPS and buffs. AC is great when you already have another DO/DC iin your team but that’s it.

    • December 3, 2017 at 6:09 am

      We’ll check this, but almost certain that’s not correct you might be correct. Assumed AC/DC is the buff path, DO great complementary piece with a different set of buffs and DPS. The reference is Jarek’s build and explanations. Unless there’s another source that’s challenging what’s been said in there however, there’s no reason to advocate DO as new standard.

      That being said, the class hubs are designed to be constantly updated as the game evolves and new resources are released.

      Edit: We were able to look it up and our understanding is that while DO can outperform AC, it only applies to very specific endgame setups. It’s not a straight forward DO > AC situation. We’ve mentioned the possibility now and referred to Sharpedge’s spread sheet that tackles AC vs. DO buffing. This is a very advanced topic though. Especially on lower item levels AC as mentioned by Jarek probably offers more utility overall. Also those groups where DO vs. AC would matter currently run with both paragons anyway, which kind of makes it a moot point. In case you have further information or resources on this specific topic, let us now! And thanks for the comment which led to a lively discussion within our team 🙂


  • December 4, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Thanks for looking into it, I’m no DC expert.

    From what I gathered, from players who know the class a lot better than i do, and from what I understand, AC-Righteous gives the best results only by abusing the power-share from weapons of light and anointed army being multiplied by companions with bonding runestones. The problem is that a new player will have neither the high base power from equipment nor the high rank bonding runestones to make it work.

    On the other hand, DO-Righteous gives a lot of damage buffs which do not depends on the DC’s gear : most notably, terrifying insight which gives a sizeable and permanent damage boost, prophecy of doom (for bosses only) and hallowed ground.

    In the end it seems to me that DO-Righteous is the right path for any unexperienced and/or poorly geared DC as well as while leveling/soloing and I’d like it to be advertised to avoid seeing all the new DC’s using a build ill-suited for them like I did lately.

  • April 3, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    Yeah most game builds are set for end game players the same goes for all the bad advice some of them people tend to give. If the players are not end game or they don’t run with end game players then they should state what the build prefence is for. I see it over and over some 12K DO using daunting light because they seen sharpedge say it is a good choice for a DO. But he does not say he runs with only 18K players in party and a AC that can keep divine glows uptime 100% on there own and still use empowered FF and exult. Or the one that really gets me and hear it all the time is a DC is not a healer well at end game that is true but new players might not have the life steal and other boons to stayed healed on there own and many need the DPS from a SW or CW they they don’t give heals at lower levels either. And if you solo q for party you will get 1 tank so if it is an OP they need to play tank.

  • April 7, 2018 at 6:54 am

    If you are in a 2 dc party why wouldn’t 1 of them use daunting light? Even if you are using divine glow on DO, what else is there to use? Divine Glow, Break the Spirit/FF and? It makes no sense to use anything else except DL unless the party is really struggling and needs bastion.

    Also, I do not run with a single player who is 18k and most of the people I play with are in the 14-16k range, so please don’t say that.

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