Bonus Refinement Points Event Guide

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The “Bonus Refining Points” event is one of the regular events that frequently rotate over the weekends and usually run from Thursdays to Mondays. Since it formerly has been the “Double Refining” event, it can be counted towards the “x2” category. With the change of the refining system in Module 12b however, doubling RPs didn’t make tons of sense since the system pretty much halved the required amount anyway. So the devs decided to change the x2 to a drop event instead.

Basic Structure

The basic structure of the event is pretty simple: Kill mobs, get RPs based on their level. Any character can gain [sc name=”rpicon”]100,000 this way and buy into boosts on the Wondrous Bazaar for [sc name=”astralicon”]25,000 each. These boosts multiply the amount of RP that drop per mobs. It won’t increase the total RP earned, just let’s player get to the finish line quicker. The best multiplier players can get is x5.

On top of RPs from mobs there are certain milestone rewards that hand out additional refining points and Wards.

  • at 25,000 Bonus RP earned – an additional [sc name=”rpicon”]2,500 are gained (does not count against the [sc name=”rpicon”]100,000 total)
  • at 50,000 Bonus RP earned – an additional [sc name=”rpicon”]5,000 and 1 Preservation Ward is earned.
  • at 75,000 Bonus RP earned – an additional [sc name=”rpicon”]7,500 and 1 Preservation Ward is earned.
  • at 100,000 Bonus RP earned – an additional [sc name=”rpicon”]10,000 and 3 Preservation Ward are earned.

Farming Appraoch

Overall the drop rates aren’t bad, but not every monster hands out RP. I think we can assume a 10%-15% drop rate at this point and level 70 rewards [sc name=”rpicon”]20-[sc name=”rpicon”]50 per kill. As always with these events scaling in the game works in favor of the players. Since the level difference is calculated off a character’s scaled level, Elemental Evil zones or the leveling random queue drop RPs although mobs are technically more than seven levels away from 70. That comes in handy because reaching the max just by doing some dailies and dungeons isn’t going to do it. You actually have to go out and farm in an area with high mob density and levels that are easy to kill for your character:

  • Quickling Den in Sharandar (do not complete, just repeat)
  • Guild Stronghold
  • Batiri Camp in Soshenstar River
  • Elemental Evil Adventure Zones

Do you have a favorite area? Make sure to post them in the comments below! If you’re dedicated you can grind out the full [sc name=”rpicon”]100,000 and the milestones within a few hours.

Buy the Boosts?

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A critical topic during the event always is whether or not to buy the boosts. Don’t forget that those do not extend the cap, just let players reach it quicker. So if you can reach the [sc name=”rpicon”]100,000 anyway, there’s not much point. Otherwise there might. It depends on the current RP market and also on how many RPs you normally are able to farm during the event. The value of the goods the boosts are able to generate obviously has to exceed their cost. It’s not really a complicate calculation, but we’ve set up a spreadsheet so you guys don’t have to do it yourself. To use it either download it or import it to your own Google Drive. All you have to input is the current price of refining points, Preservation Wards, your Wondrous Bazaar discount, and the RP you can farm without any boosts. The sheet will then hand out the best boost recommendation for the scenario.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • There’s a minimum RP you need to farm to make any boosts worthwhile. Stupid example: In case you only farm [sc name=”rpicon”]100 yourself, even x5 ([sc name=”rpicon”]500) won’t do much. That threshold usually is around [sc name=”rpicon”]15,000.
  • If you’re able to hit the threshold above, it’s always worth buying at least x2 if you’re not able to reach the [sc name=”rpicon”]100,000 max.
  • The fewer RP you are able to farm yourself, the more higher boosts make sense.
  • The more RP you can farm yourself, the more value the event generates for your account. This is probably obvious.

Worth it?

Boosts make sense in some situations to max the rewards during the event, but that doesn’t mean it is worth doing at all. Once you’ve set up your scenario using the spreadsheet, you can look at your best possible total generated value in AD and ask yourself whether it’s worth the effort. Say you need three hours to reach your goal and earn [sc name=”astralicon”]150,000. For some that’s a nice gain, others might feel farming CodG for Ultimate Enchanting Stones makes more sense. It’s something that obviously depends on your personal play style and preference. The guide can’t dish out a clear recommendation here.

But hey, if you decide to grind the event, you know hopefully have all the knowledge and tools to maximize your gain!

What’s your take on the Bonus Refinement Points event? Is it worth it or a waste of time? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.

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  • September 29, 2018 at 11:43 am

    Tyranny of dragons locations work just as well as the level gets adjusted for you, so I like to go to neverdeath to farm near the Dragon the mobs are level 30 and my player gets adjusted to 30 but has strength of 70 and there are lots of mobs. It’s also good to point out that any RP from gear and such does not count towards this event.

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