What can you Expect from Neverwinter Uncensored in 2017?

A new year normally is the time to reflect on the last one and think about stuff you want to achieve. It’s no different with Neverwinter Uncensored so we wanted to take today’s post to outline our rough plans in 2017.

First and foremost, thanks for an amazing last year! We could constantly build on our viewership up to a point that we are now serving thousands of players. We’ve learned a lot about managing the site and what type of content you guys like to view. Not only because of the appreciation our Fishing Guide got over the last days since the Sea of Moving Ice hit consoles, we realized that guides and our exclusive reports from the preview server on upcoming content is what people are most interested in. We’ll make sure to continue to focus on these areas as well as delivering our wide array of opinions and reviews.

Magazin Layout

One visual change has already been implemented recently. We changed the blog to a more magazine styled layout as we think it fits the purpose of the site. With that we can now better present the articles and content we have to offer. We still need to refine the new layout though and are aware that some are having problems accessing the site on older Android and iOS versions. We appreciate any feedback as we work towards an optimal solution.

Content wise we do not only want to extend our current formats, but also bring in new ones. On top of our Community Watch we plan to work closer to the Youtube and Twitch community to bring you all the latest Streams and Videos about the game. Another aspect the site is surely missing are FAQ type posts. So we will answer more basic questions going forward using our Chettlebell series. Additionally we have at least one new contributor that will bring in fresh aspects and features.

The Toolbase

NWO:UN ToolbaseOur Toolbase will also see more additions in 2017 again. The shutdown of the Gateway has messed with the progress in that area more than we initially thought. We introduced a crowd-sourced alternative to our automated crawl engine, but a few months later it’s evident that it can’t serve as a sufficient replacement. As useful as the tools might be, the amount of users that are willing to put in the daily work needed to keep prices up-to-date is just not there. That’s why we will further decrease the number of monitored items to the ones needed to maintain our Market and Refinement Tools. The RNG Toolbox will probably only support the latest batch of Lockboxes and Masterwork Resources. We will however introduce a user-based system for those that still want to monitor prices for themselves.

The next update will conclude these post Gateway adjustments with a few final tweaks of the affected tools. We’ll also finally unlock the features for the other servers. Since we won’t likely add more Auction House Data based tools now, our focus will shift to other areas. We are thinking about more tools to support guilds in their management tasks as well as moving the official Wiki and our Item Database closer together.

There will certainly be no stagnancy here at Neverwinter Uncensored and with our supreme community we are looking forward to another great year!

Do you have any ideas for the site or the Toolbase? We’d love to hear them in the comments below or the corresponding thread on our message board!

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