With the Changes to Hunt Items, Go for Gear Now or Wait Until Module 13?

Monitoring changes on preview is always worth it at least for the hardcore population. It might save you a lot of trouble, and time. The changes to Hunt items is such an example. As we’ve reported on Saturday, the current functionality of only being able to hold one of the same Hunt item (Lures and Trophies) will be changed in Module 13. This means that the grind will change, and hopefully for the better. But this also raises the question whether you should stop doing Hunts now, and wait for the changes, or just continue.

What Is Going to Change?

First of all, let’s go through the changes once more to get everyone up to speed. There are basically two major tweaks in Module 13. First of all, Hunt items are no longer unique and you can hold as many as you like in your inventory. They do not stack however. So the amount of Lures and Trophies is limited by your inventory space. Second, the current workaround of using the mailbox system to circumvent the unique nature of Hunt items will no longer work.

My first initial reaction to the news was that you should absolutely abandon all hunting activities and simply wait for Module 13. But thinking about it a little longer, it might not be too easy. If you’re no VIP, then there’s probably no argument. Since you can’t efficiently farm Hunts anyway, the changes should benefit you 100%. Right now, you need to rely on others to bring up the mailbox in Chult, or head back to Port Nyanzaru every time to farm a Trophy. The system for non-VIPs in Module 13 will be infinitely better.

VIPs Might Want to Continue

For those with VIP status the question is more tricky. The benefits of the new system are not as big. While you probably can store more Lures and Trophies in Module 13 since the mailbox only allows 20 entries, you are already able to farm Hunts pretty efficiently. Waiting could still make sense as Soshenstar River should be less populated, and hence rare mobs easier to farm. Fewer players on the map however also mean fewer players will go for and call out T-Rex spawns. That’s why it could make sense to go for stuff now in case you’re still aiming for Hunts Gear of Module 12.

So the question in the title can probably be answered with your VIP status. In case you own it, you might as well still farm Hunts. Otherwise there’s a clear recommendation to wait until the changes will go live.

Are you still farming Hunts or waiting because of the changes? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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