Chettlebell Explains It All Vol. 1: Common Cause

Good day! Tristopher Chettlebell, Neverwinter’s preeminent historian at your service. In my capacity as an expert in all things Neverwinter, I’ve agreed to author a series of articles detailing various situations in Neverwinter that adventurers regularly have trouble understanding. It’s a big job, but nevertheless, I must persevere.

Today’s subject is Harper Boward and her Five Factions cronies. In their ongoing struggle to thwart the nouveau Cult of the Dragon, they require daily assistance in their Common Cause.

Harper Boward
Harper Boward in the Enclave

You can begin the Tyranny of Dragons campaign at level 26. Common Cause is a daily quest requiring completion of a sequence of other daily quests. Every day, you will be instructed to engage in Culling the Cultists, and will also be given a second randomized mission. Each zone you may be sent to has two different randomized missions, so if you are unable to travel there on a given day, your current quest may be unavailable if you arrive at a later date. You may drop Common Cause and take it again to be assigned a task that is currently available.

Once adventurers have reached level 60, Common Cause’s list of subquests includes a daily lair. These lair quests are assigned by one of the Five Factions’ representatives in Protector’s Enclave. As adventurers continue to level up, reminders for quests they have outlevelled will be hidden from them, which means that these level 60 lair quests will lack markers as you approach level 70. (Ed: Fixed in Maze Engine, but still relevant for our XBox players.) The required lair quest is available as long as you speak to the proper representative to pick it up before you continue on your way to whichever zone requires your aid.

Neverdeath Graveyard – Ghost Stories – Harper Boward

Ebon Downs – Barrow Demolition – Preceptor Theraclast

Icespire Peak – Mithril Mines – Lords’Alliance Envoy (Fitzhugh Montgomery)

Rothé Valley – Forged in Fire – Delrin Bass

Whispering Caverns – Ancient Treasures – Shay Cutter

If you reach your destination without having accepted the lair mission, you will find yourself unable to enter the lair. If you gain access to the lair by joining a party, you will find that when you reach the end, you will not be rewarded properly for your efforts, although the conditions of Common Cause will be fulfilled. You can see that it is in your best interests to ensure that you have picked up all your available quests prior to departing Protector’s Enclave. It’s highly unlikely that the Cult of the Dragon will simply go away and leave Neverwinter in peace, so I’m sure you’ll get many chances to aid the Five Factions in their Common Cause.

I hope today’s lesson has made adventuring somewhat less confusing. Until next time, I must continue my research.


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  • March 11, 2016 at 10:37 am

    While not strictly speaking a part of Common Cause, the weekly Defeat a Dragon quest is essential for the 10 Pages of Arcane Lore it rewards. Do not abandon this quest once you pick it up; if you drop it, you will have to wait until the weekly cycle resets to pick it up again.

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