Chettlebell Explains It All Vol. 3: Farming Masterwork Resources

Good day! Tristopher Chettlebell, Neverwinter’s preeminent historian at your service. In my capacity as an expert in all things Neverwinter, I’ve agreed to author a series of articles detailing various situations in Neverwinter that adventurers regularly have trouble understanding. It’s a big job, but nevertheless, I must persevere.

Long ago, adventurers learned how to master professions and forge powerful items that are still unmatched. Yet not everyone seems to grasp how Masterwork Professions function and more importantly, how they can profit from it. Now that the system is more available than ever due to alliances, it’s time for a lesson.

Some adventurers might be intimidated by the initial investments. To reach the pinnacle of Masterwork Professions, you need a surplus of coin or time. Overall, it’s certainly more than the average hero can spare between battling evil dragons and bolstering their Stronghold. But don’t turn away if you feel the task of Masterwork is too much for you. Everyone can benefit right from the start.

No Masterwork knowledge needed

Explorer's ScrollsAlthough you might not be able to craft masterful items, you can still sell the first tier of Masterwork Resources. Unfortunately, these are well hidden throughout the Sword Coast and adventurers need special charts to locate them. These charts are sold by the Generalist within a Stronghold, the merchant that also sells potions and scrolls. But for her to offer such illustrious goods, your guild must gain a certain reputation and strength. Traders know the value of their wares; they don’t just hand them out to anyone. Before your guild or a guild in your alliance owns a Marketplace of Rank 6, they won’t offer the charts.

But the work isn’t done by simply having the Charts available. The Generalist only provides the map, and adventurers must journey to gather the resources. They are collected from nodes in Vellosk, Pirate’s Skyhold, Mount Hotenow, and the Whispering Caverns. Because of different vegetation and terrain, each location features unique resources and the Charts fortunately state which ones.

Charts equal wealth

As you can see, the special Masterwork Resources are difficult to obtain. And because they are difficult to obtain, they sell well on the markets in Faerûn. The goods gained from one Chart sell for up to 30,000 Astral Diamonds on the Tarmalune Auction House in Protector’s Enclave. In particularly fertile periods throughout the year, adventurers even find two resources per node instead of one, effectively doubling their income to 60,000 AD. Sword Coast citizens casually refer to these spans of a few days as “double professions event”.

Explorer's Guild
Explorer’s Guild

Some guilds have also specialized in exploration and mining of raw materials. Experts meet in the Explorer’s Guild structure within their Stronghold and discuss how to enhance their production. At Rank 6, the gained knowledge is enough to allow guild members to gain double resources from Masterwork nodes all year from their superior techniques. This even multiplies with double professions events to four resources per node.

Be aware that not all resources sell equally well though. It’s only sensible to ask around or do some research on the market which zones’ resources are the most profitable to obtain. But once you’ve worked your way into the system, it can become an important source of income for you. The Explorer’s Guild has become a fairly standard addition to most Strongholds, because who doesn’t like to be rich?

I hope today’s lesson helped explain how everyone can profit from Masterwork Professions. Until next time, I must continue my research.


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