Chettlebell Explains It All Vol. 4: How to Increase Item Level

Good day! Tristopher Chettlebell, Neverwinter’s preeminent historian at your service. In my capacity as an expert in all things Neverwinter, I’ve agreed to author a series of articles detailing various situations in Neverwinter that adventurers regularly have trouble understanding. It’s a big job, but nevertheless, I must persevere.

We normally don’t like to be measured by a single facet, but in terms of adventuring you have little choice. Some armor is simply more impressive, enchantments shinier, and weapons bigger. These things that make you seem powerful to observers don’t have to be the best way to actually grow as adventurer, but it is what gets you noticed whenever there’s another dragon to slay. So today we are going to discuss how to increase item level the most efficient way. How do you spend intelligently, and what should you avoid? There’s no excuse for a hero to be seen going around in such a state!

Who needs Companions and Mounts anyway?

If you’re just beginning your adventuring career, there’s excellent news. Nobody knows how big your stable is at home! You may have blessed a lot of your mounts with insignias, or not. Other than seeing the steed you’re riding, nobody can tell. So whenever you audition for Sword Coast Idol, companions and mounts are a non-factor. All they want to see is your Big-Boy Sword! To a lesser extent, this also applies to the one companion you bring alongside you. The cleverest parties have learned to closely inspect your traveling companion, but even that is still comparatively rare. All in all, none of these areas contribute to your item level and progression here can safely be a lower priority.


Artifacts indicate you have traveled far to get these rare relics… or that you have bought them from merchants that have traveled far, at least. It can be our secret. Anyway, a full slate of artifacts is truly impressive and makes you look like a veteran! It is no longer difficult or expensive to get as many as you can carry and their refinement process is the easiest of all items. Just make sure to utilize Double events, be smart about upgrading, and level them evenly.

More Enchantments always beats upgrading

In terms of enchantments, quantity beats quality. Adding one makes you look much shinier to the public than simply upgrading an existing one. A luxurious shirt and trousers with space for enchants are a must. Don’t be taken in by the tacky “high-quality” knock-offs, which are crafting failures sold to uninformed buyers to recoup some losses. You can do better than that, my friends. Make sure to get rings that are powerful enough to hold two enchants and fill out all of your utility slots. Conversely, overload enchantments only contribute a minuscule amount to item level, not even worth noticing.

Armor Sets and Reinforcement

Amazing armor is a must for any adventurer, and relatively easy to obtain. If you’re not looking for a deluxe outfit, Elven and Drowcraft are reliable pieces at a reasonable cost. Adventurers that are wealthy enough to get their hands on some Trade Bars can take an even easier route with Dusk gear.

Reinforcement kits can also present a minor, but affordable boost. The epic kits are probably out of reach for those without the wealth from saving a princess here and there, but rare ones still put that final polish on your outfit if you need a little more flash. Don’t forget you can enhance both your armor and your jewelry!

That’s it for my quick and effective tips on how to cut a fabulous figure as an adventurer! Until next time, I must continue my research.

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