CM Comments on Driftwood Tavern Format; Siege Fix in the Making

There were not too many news out of the DevTracker last week, but we nonetheless like to highlight two comments made by Nitocris and Terramak. In the first one the Community Manager posted the schedule of the upcoming “Driftwood Tavern” stream format and also took the chance to specify the format a bit.

[su_quote url=””]It is *not* intended to be a formal Q&A. Q&As require more in-depth planning and we prefer to keep them as their own category. That being said, we are in the process of gathering a list of commonly asked questions that come up in every stream so that we may have answers available online as a resource/quick link during streams.[/su_quote]


Is it just us or does it sound like she’s directly answering our post discussing the stream? Anyway, it was kind of obvious that the stream didn’t deliver what the community wanted and while this sounds encouraging, we’re still not sold on a casual format on Twitch at this point. Maybe later once they’ve established themselves? Also: If you want to keep Q&As separate, you could also run more Q&As. Captain Obvious over and out.

Stronghold Siege Fix in the Making

The second quote from Producer Terramak is related to the Stronghold Siege event. As you probably know the devs nerfed the ability to farm the weekly event quest by completing the queue 1vX. Hilariously now the quest doesn’t resolve at all. Fortunately a fix will probably make live this week. So if you still feel like doing the Siege (hint: it’s not worth it any longer), you can go for it!

[su_quote url=”″]Fix in testing. Won’t be in tomorrow’s build, but may be in the one after that.[/su_quote]

All irony aside, kudos to the devs for reacting promptly here!

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