Community Maintenance Stream Summary

During the surprisingly short maintenance for console’s “Swords of Chult” release yesterday, Community Manager Julia and various devs gathered on the Perfect World Twitch channel to talk the game and answer questions. We didn’t expect to0 many breaking news out of it as a state of the game stream is scheduled for later this month. But we nonetheless want to quickly go over the more interesting stuff that they said.

First of all, as others have noted, the presentation of the stream was much better this time. There weren’t too many awkward giggles and jokes and all devs and the CM were much more focused on answering questions and delivering information. So that’s a definite plus and meets what the community was suggesting as general improvement. It still feels like Julia isn’t completely comfortable in the format, but that’s fine.

Foundry, Latency and Lures

Foundry UIWith that being said, onto the interesting remarks. First of all, there were a lot of question about ongoing issues. The devs still work on the Foundry, and while there were no specifics as to what’s the hold up, they try to bring it up every week. So it could be this Thursday, or next, or never. Julia and Lead Designer Thomas Foss also talked about several lag and latency issues. Generally it’s hard to track them down because there are so many variables to account for. But they are aware of issues with TONG and the Stronghold map and currently try to tweak some stuff in the back-end to better deal with those maps. Last but not least, environmental artist Patrick Poage said that lure drops in Chult are working correctly despite some players thinking otherwise.

Talking about Chult by the way, they will be changing the aggro mechanics of Raptors in Module 13. So it definitely looks like our feedback has been heard.

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Community Management

In terms of community management Julia wants to better communicate their plans in 2018. She additionally mentioned that she might appear on Discord occasionally and that there will be dev spotlights. We also finally have that E-Mail contact we were promised months ago. It’s Please note that it neither provides feedback nor support, and should exclusively be used to submit community related stuff like fan art. Unfortunately Julia didn’t really provide any more specifics, but there will be a forum post about it.

Dungeon Content

[blog_subscription_form]The hot topic especially in the streaming community in recent months is more dungeon content. Both Thomas and Julia made is pretty clear that they’ll continue to design for a casual audience. This means shorter dungeons, skirmishes, and trials that you can run quickly after work. This might be a disappointment for the hardcore players that would like raids and such, but is obviously what the devs think fits the majority of the playerbase. Also: Dungeons are a tons of work and they need to find resources for it.


It seems that the next classes up for bigger changes are the Rogues and Warlocks. Poage said the systems designers have been busy with TRs and we already know some changes for SWs in Mod 13. To prevent that some classes feel completely left out in the future, they’re trying to let them fill multiple roles. Julia also put an end to a particular rumor. The tweet below from November was indeed just a reference to the new Twitter character limit, not an upcoming addition to the game.

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3 thoughts on “Community Maintenance Stream Summary

  • January 10, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    I need a confirmation: did they say that loot table affection is an intended mechanics introduced in m12?

  • January 10, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    Well, if the recent stream was better than the last, they must have been reading various blogs!

  • January 11, 2018 at 12:13 am

    The stream it self was not bad but I got the impression that yet again the CW is not even being considered for the future. Thomas Foss did state in a past stream (about a year ago if I recall) they have plans for all classes except CW. It sadly seems that it is still the case

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