Community Manager Dampens Expectations Regarding Event Updates

During the great Rocktober bugfix months the devs announced that working on event updates will be something they’d like to focus on in the future. That might still be the case, but roughly seven months later the Community Manager has pretty discouraging news for those that hoped for updates to happen soon.

[su_quote url=”″]One of our goals is to make updates to our events but there have been some challenges in prioritization of that feature. It’s definitely something that we still have in mind though. [/su_quote]

In corporate language this actually means that no dev is assigned to the task at this point. So yeah, we shouldn’t really expect any groundbreaking changes, or entirely new events, this year. It’s a shame, because most events are fairly dated at this point. The rewards are no longer as desirable simply because most veterans already own them. But hey, it’s good to have an update on the progress, even if there is none.

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One thought on “Community Manager Dampens Expectations Regarding Event Updates

  • July 4, 2018 at 2:35 pm

    I suppose the CM is referring to events like Lliira etc? I really can’t see what the point of it is. Starry Panther skin?

    The 5th Jubilee was a notable exception that had a major update and some wonderful drops for new players, although they really needed the experience of Veterans in order to farm the Foreign Merchant properly. A Rank 14 Enchant, Free Refiner’s Pack, 5 Anniversary Coin boxes and a 5 year Thank You crate was pretty good for them. And not bad for veterans!

    The Siege of Neverwinter had a decent update for new players with the Epic Siege Breaker Griffon, although no point veterans getting the Artifact any more as we can’t use as it as a feeder. I did get a Griffon on my Halfling CW last year, as it matches her fashion clothes dyed with Blue Fire dye pack. I also got one on my latest 4 Alts, just so I can swap it with Armoured Bear and flip from Wanderer’s Fortune and Prosperity XP bonus for Invoking and turning in quests. And there’s the Stronghold Vouchers, of course.

    I think that Mask and Gond were updated a little with the new refining process. I did make one artifact on an old main, just to see what sort of illusory monster he’d turn into. And I also made a Doohickey for the first time ever! Still in the Bank.

    Summer Festival was also updated a year or two back with the Saha ball game. I never really worked that one out. I do have some permanent water splash items as that was fun with friends, and I STILL have 200 Piñata on several Alts from 3 or 4 years ago, as they were worth farming once for the food buff drops and RP. The annoying thing with this event is that some vendors give unbound stuff, others the same stuff but bound, while companions and mounts SAID BoE but were actually BoP. And I SO want the South Sea fashion for my Dwarf GF this year!

    I’m not sure if Winter Festival was updated at all, but I do have some new Alts that need to get the Golden, Legendary fishing rod this year. Not sure why, but all my other toons have one. All the special, shiny lures I had in the Bank recently tuned into overstuffed bags of bait! Bream Balls and nasty, wriggly worms! They should fix the Insignia Slots on that epic sled.


    One issue with most events, though, is that they are still scaled to the old, Mod 5 max of level 60, EG the CTAs, Siege of Neverwinter, The Protector’s Speech and so on. And it’s not just that veterans already have all the event stuff, a lot of the event stuff is not even very good for new players. New, F2P players can often get better free stuff from the Main Quest and Campaign Zones. It would be nice if there was a chance for Epic Archons, Sellswords etc to drop.

    The most annoying thing is that Lliira is running during a drought of activity, but things like 2x Influence are always scheduled during something worth farming, like Jubilee and Siege of Neverwinter. It would be really nice if they could update their Event Calendar, so that 2x Influence was at the same time as rubbish event like Lliira, and did not run during good Events like Jubilee and Siege.


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