Community Spotlight: Nrose

In our spotlight series, we want to highlight content creators, theorycrafters, and other known faces of the community. Today we are present you “Nrose”, who operates a Twitch channel and regularly streams Neverwinter. Next to sharing as much personal information as he liked, he answered some general questions about his D&D, Neverwinter and gaming career. Have fun reading through!


  • Nickname: Nrose
  • Email:
  • Main Platform: PC (Dragon)
  • Content Type: Twitch
  • Website / Channel URL / Resource Links:
  • Classes I Play: Devoted Cleric
  • Ingame Handle: @djrakeryder
  • Guild / Alliance: . Midnight Express.
  • Country / City / State: Walton
  • Age: 30
  • Twitter: nrose1988

History of Your Gaming, D&D, Neverwinter Career

Geez where do u start? I’ve been playing games since 1990. Starting with yoyo kid on the NES. Occasionally I like to play vr chat but my goto is always Neverwinter. Is say that Neverwinter makes up 85 percent of my online time where as the remaining 15 percent is watching Neverwinter streams or YouTube videos, and researching builds. I have been playing the game since 2012 (a bit before Sharandar was a thing lol). To be honest I started Neverwinter cause it was free and well built. I play on PC using the steam client, but any ZEN purchased is strictly through ARC do to the restrictions put on steam buyers.

I’ve been playing pen and paper since 2nd edition. My uncle was super cool and would invite me to his games and I got hooked from there!! If I’m not DMing myself, I play a cleric. Damage mitigation baby!

Your History, Goals and Thoughts About Creating Content for Neverwinter

One of my goals is to become a sponsored streamer. That way I can give back to the community. I also want to be able to change lives with my viewers through donations and charities.

What’s the Funniest, Weirdest, Most Annoying, or Frustrating Thing That Happened to You While Covering the Game?

If im being completely honest: My game crashing in the middle of celebrating that NWO:Uncensored added me to their featured streamers list. LOL!

What Do You like / Dislike About Covering Neverwinter and Its Community?

Neverwinter has always been an evolving platform in community that is generally full of good honest helpful people. A lot of my viewers are end game Neverwinter players, and one thing I see consistently is that veteran players are ready for something truly new and truly large with a little bit of passion. I’d say company support is pretty good. In my opinion they always been relatively quick to fix small bugs. As with anything nowadays people want an immediate fix the moment they have an issue. But, that’s not how this industry works. I would have to say but they appear to be making a good turn around from the old days of how things used to be.

What Do You like / Dislike About Neverwinter and Its Community as a Player?

Honestly, the thing I like most about the community it just how generous the people are.

Thanks to nrose for talking the time to answer some questions! Make sure to check out his channel and help him grow into a sponsored streamer!

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