Community Wants Professions Rework… Could It Happen Soon?

In one of our weekly polls we recently asked the community what major system needs a rework the most. The answer? Professions, by a wide margin. This is no shocking news as the system is completely outdated. It doesn’t serve a purpose and you could even say that it has entirely failed as true crafting mechanic. It was never useful in providing players with viable gear throughout their journeys and merely used as complementary part of some grind and progression systems.

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News from the Stream of Many Eyes

This however is not another article bashing professions. We’ve had enough of those already (and suggestions how to solve the issue). Instead let’s spread some positive news, because a recent video of Youtuber Nova indicates that a professions rework is at least on the horizon.

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First of all, let’s talk about the contents of the video a bit. Nova attended the Stream of Many Eyes, got to sit down with Lead Designer Thomas Foss, and ask a few questions. So these are first hand infos. It’s a little unfortunate however that they didn’t record and publish a full uncut interview (I assume that simply wasn’t allowed / possible), because now some conclusions might be based on interpretations of a third party. But since that’s what we got, let’s work with it.

Old Dungeons Are Coming Back

I think it’s great that old dungeons are coming back, although that’s not a shocker. The devs always said that’s their goal, and given that the community kept pushing for it, it was all but guaranteed. When and how these dungeons will be reintroduced might be more intriguing. Could it be leveling versions? Or are we talking about a full line of reworked epics that’ll form the next tier of dungeons after a level-cap raise? I certainly hope it’s the latter, but given history it’s justified to be a little wary.

Professions are “Next”

To come back to professions, Nova additionally mentioned that the system is next to receive a rework. Again not too much actual information. So it’s hard to conclude whether they only plan to tackle professions in the future (Mod 17), already started working in it (Mod 16), or are largely finished with it (Mod 15). My personal guess is that they’ve already progressed to some extent and are confident enough to announce the rework plans publicly. Because let’s be honest, Thomas Foss is not the kind of guy that gives out information prematurely. Dude is smart and all business. It’s still vague and from the sound of it we shouldn’t expect anything before Mod 16.

So yeah, that’s where we at with professions right now. A rework is coming, but we might have wait a little longer. Whether that’s good news or not probably depends on your personal patience, but at least we have some sort of confirmation that the devs are planning to do something about the mess that is the professions system.

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j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.

7 thoughts on “Community Wants Professions Rework… Could It Happen Soon?

  • July 19, 2018 at 8:47 am

    It’s-time we gave [proper credit where it is due for all this. Other people are saying they are the only ones brave enough(cleaning it up for public consumption!) or that they have come to these conclusions and wanted to share them when these same points have been pounded at on Twitch and Youtube for OVER 1 year by some and 2 years ago by people like Kaligold, TeamDRD and Rivodus! These are not new ideas nor are they new requests from the player base. It is time credit was given where it was du. Kaligold is the one that promoted all these things well over a year back and that others are talking about them now as if they were their ideas and observations is nothing but shamefully taking credit for old ideas brought up by MANY streamers and Youtubers for the last couple years!!!!!!

    • July 19, 2018 at 9:23 am

      Not sure to whom this is directed, but of course this is not entirely new. We’ve promoted Kali and others more than once when they were still streaming, and “taking credit” wasn’t really the purpose of this article. Even if, we have articles dating back to 2015 about the issues of the profession system. That being said: If there are still old vids out there, pass them along and we are more than happy to include them. Unfortunately Mystik recently has deleted all his Neverwinter content, and not sure Kali still has old vids up.

    • July 19, 2018 at 1:22 pm

      adding in all the old dungeons is much more than a year old. There are threads complaining about the dungeons being removed before module 6 even launched. Im not sure you can even find/identify who came first because the outrage was pretty much universal at that time.

    • July 21, 2018 at 11:20 am

      Yes, Lets indeed give credit where it’s due. There are threads about all the changes, ideas, feedback, spanning pages and pages, with more depth and content than people ever shouted on their stream, long before the streams.
      So those ideas perhaps were repeated by some some streamers and youtubers, but like other things, builds, guides, tests, some is original, most is not.

      You didn’t watch those streams back then, nor you didn’t know who those streamers are. Some of us did, and remember, that the main thing that was going back then at the ‘streaming community’ was bad and misleading information, bad game-play, horrible “follow my builds”, a lot of trash talk among the streamers, some backstabbing, itsy bitsy banning, some shit throwing, hypocrisy and a lot of pride in “I’ll never pay a cent for this game”, and finally “leaving videos” that threw enough shit on the whole NW community even those that had nothing to do with their streaming crap.

      All those videos were deleted rather fast, some apologies were thrown around later, and time makes everyone forget.

      ofc, not everyone, some did their thing, some still do, and some left, others joined (streaming), but the most notable thing was that the quality of the content was sub-par .
      Luckily many things changed, and we don’t see hours long streams of shit throwing on other streamers. And then vice versa. And most streamers stick to what they know, those that know gameplay, make builds and talk about mechanics and those that have their friends and have fun, they stream that. Lets hope this continue and improve and more streamers will stick to what they know and do best, those with great production value will not do tests, those that don’t play end-game won’t analyze what end-game players need etc..

      At the end lets put things straight, those above are a small part of the community, and like everyone else in some things they reach they same conclusions many others did. In some things they had unique ideas. In other things, they brought nothing new.
      Lets put it this way, who did best to promote ideas, Kvet with 4 or so guilds of 500 accounts (I don’t remember the actual numbers but you get the scale) ? Becky ? The then active and vocal PvP community? Large in-game channels? Uncensored with more views per day than all the streamers put together? Active forum members when the forums had pages of new posts per day? Active reddit when that was actually active too? Or a streamer with about ~50 viewers who at the peak banned one of the best thorycrafters and DCs for mentioning that they shouldn’t play as healer in end-game (I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea here too I hope) ?

      Shit happened, mistakes happened, we all do both, but besides the point.
      How about less bias, and more actual accuracy. You perhaps refuse to read builds, guides, forums – un/official/others, discord, reddit, or even the in-game channels, and chat at all.. It’s ok, everyone free to do what they do, and enjoy the game, but at the same time wouldn’t you agree that missing a large aspect of the game community, which is many of the things above, and only being in a bubble of few streamers creates an incomplete view that doesn’t represent the community as a whole nor you have the most accurate depiction of events.

  • July 19, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    the original professions system was pretty solid, the problem is and will remain to be that they don’t reevaluate rewards across all mechanics with each release. So regardless of changes and reworks it all becomes outdated withing one to two modules and the content dies.

    I liked the old days when max lvld professions could result in a slight upgrade of your armor (hard for me to recall but i think it was the arms pieces) and you could only do it for yourself (so everyone had an incentive to participate in professions.

    Pants/shirts were BIS from professions giving professions a niche in one area but certainly didn’t reach P2W status.

    Mastercraft is a nightmare, i’m sure it was successful as an AD sync in the game but for so many people its so far out of reach that its dead.

    Leadership is now a waste of time. RP is so cheap and available, they removed AD from it. whats the point?

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