Cradle of the Death God Opens on Preview, First Look

So far one key element of the upcoming “Lost City of Omu” release was still missing on preview. The new trial “Cradle of the Death God” was not included, but this changed with yesterday’s preview patch. Players can now unlock the fight that concludes the Chult story line using a special token on the Wondrous Bazaar. A few groups instantly swarmed the preview server to get look at the new challenge. While nobody seems to have fully understood or mastered the fight yet, at least some where kind enough to upload footage to Youtube.

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If you’re interested, make sure to try and test the new group addition yourself and give feedback in the corresponding thread. From the first look it seems to be an unique fight with a lot of stuff to figure out! Have fun!

*** UPDATE *** Congrats to a team of Russian players that managed to get the first completion in! Cheers!

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