Dev Miasmat Goes the Extra Mile for Players Again

*** UPDATE *** It looks like more devs might have been part of the rescue mission! Thanks to those anonymous heroes as well!

One of the more annoying and still lingering bugs in “Tomb of Annihilation” is the one of the Split-Ti Hunt. Designed as boss skeleton that splits into lesser version of itself, it does not work correctly and frequently gets stuck. It’s not only annoying for the player that loses the Preserved Heart lure, but it also completely bugs the encounter for the whole instance. Nobody is able to interact with the lure spot any longer, because the previous Hunt has to be completed first. This has already led to all sorts of frustration in the playerbase and unfortunately the patch last week did not take care of the issue.

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Miasmat to the Rescue!

Players that already had planned for a weekend without any Split-Ti completions were met with a pleasant surprise however. Developer Miasmat appeared on the Dragon server multiple times on Saturday and Sunday to manually fix instances. That way players could at least complete some Split-Ti Hunts, although the original issue still remains.

It’s not the first time Miasmat went the extra mile to help players. When the Starlight Parcels weren’t working correctly during the last Winter Festival, Miasmat spent extra hours over the holidays and relentlessly delivered replacement gifts to players, rocking the feedback thread in the process.

So we give credit where credit is due yet again and thank Miasmat for the effort! An appreciation thread on Arcgames is underway in case you want to add your own thanks. Despite these welcomed heroics we certainly hope nobody has to sacrifice another weekend and that the bug gets fixed as soon as possible.

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