Developer Noworries Confirms PVP Balancing Changes for GF/TR in Mod 14

After we’ve already gotten a hint at a new Character Select Screen rearrange option in Module 14, the devs confirmed another tiny bit about the next upcoming major update. As noworries stated on the official message board, Trickster Rogues and Guardian Fighter will see some adjustments in PVP.

[su_quote cite=”noworries” url=”″]As far as TRs, for M14 we have a change in for Shadow of Demise where it will be 75% of MITIGATED damage. This should provide a reduction to the ability in PvP while giving it a boost in PvE. It now also has a small DoT applied to it when it first lands which is a bit of an experiment to see how that feels, allowing it to add some benefit to PvE when things are killed so fast the full proc can’t go off, and to help people notice they have SoD on them in PvP.

Guardian Fighter got a change to Bull Charge, where it will no longer make a PvP target go prone (no changes to PvE). It will still knock back.[/su_quote]

Back and Forth?

It seems like SoD will be brought back to its functionality prior to the Mod 13 tweaks that made it overpowered in PVP. This also raises the question whether it will be once again affected by DR% twice (once when adding up the damage for SoD and a second time when SoD actually procs), which was one of the reasons why the power got changed. It seems to be a shift in the right direction, but this back and forth illustrates the devs’ struggle with finding the right tuning.

Also it’s very discouraging that the changes apparently won’t come earlier than Mod 14. PVP is currently unplayable for anybody except TRs. Macjae rightfully noted that “changes seem to be happening at a snail’s pace”. Noworries had no real answer to that other than “it’s not so easy” and advertising patience and the big picture.

[su_quote cite=”noworries” url=”″]It is never as simple as “we’d love to get that change in so let’s just do it right now”. I can tell you that even right now there is a list of things I wish I could fix/adjust/change and push into an M13 update, it just doesn’t work that way.


There will be more balance adjustments in M15 and M16 (everything in the universe is subject to change at any time, but that is the current direction). It is going to be some time and some work to get it into a really good place and we have to balance that with all of the other work that is needed for all aspects of the game.[/su_quote]

More Changes to Guardian Fighters?

The one change to Guardian Fighters in PVP should make one-rotating folks a little bit harder, albeit surely not impossible. More interestingly however, this could mean that the devs might change more aspects of the class in Module 14. The one change that leaked could obviously be part of a bigger balancing pass. It’s speculative at this point, but GFs might still want to monitor Mod 14 news more closely now.

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4 thoughts on “Developer Noworries Confirms PVP Balancing Changes for GF/TR in Mod 14

  • April 6, 2018 at 12:45 pm

    nice try, i want to believe this is the start and they are going to work on other classes, OP, GWF being the major ones, Cw’s “control” being absolutely useless in pvp against those tanky classes.

  • April 6, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    I have not even stepped into PvP since they made changes to the TRs. What i can never figure out is why such changes have to wait until a new mod gets released and then the devs are to busy dealing with other bugs and let the broken stuff they add to PvP run rampant.

  • April 6, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    Why did they ever make it unmitigated damage in the first place?

    I know a lot of TRs were calling for that, but any fool can see that adding up multiple attacks, mitigated for resistance to Crit and ArPen and by Defence and Deflection, should not be all added up and delivered as a fully buffed whack, with no mitigation at all, as unmitigated “piercing” damage. That’s just retarded.

    Sorry, Devs, you should not be tinkering to see “how it feels”, you should KNOW what effects your ludicrous tweaks will have before you ever implement them. Other game companies call it “Play Testing”.

  • April 9, 2018 at 5:50 am

    Nerfing sod alone isnt enaught, bloodbath 1shots people without sod, without armor oen on tr, and without possibility to countrtplay, all it means that my 16k ilvl 220k hp 200%dres op wont die to 10,4k tr, it will take 13k instead

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