Devs Announce Solutions for Owlbear and Bile Drenched Scale Issues

In the last couple days we’ve reported two annoying issues in the White Owlbear stealth bind change and the Bile Drenched Scale drop bug. Now both got dev responses that look quite promising. In regards of the stealth White Owlbear bind status changes, miasmat hinted at a “good solution” first that was further detailed by the Community Manager in another post.

[su_quote]We’re coming up with a good solution to this. A couple key people have been sick the few days, so our response has been more delayed than we like. Please be patient for another day or so while we get all the details worked out.[/su_quote]

Is it only us or does the whole studio seems to be sick every other month? Anyway, we wish all affected a speedy recovery and the comments themselves are certainly encouraging. Looks like players will be able to at least move their Owlbears from the characters they’re currently stuck on. Miasmat also shared specifics on the Bile Drenched Scale drop bugs:

[su_quote]After looking into it further, we are planning on giving a Bile Drenched Scale to anyone who: killed the Tyrant, doesn’t already have a Bile Drenched Scale, and doesn’t have the chain of scales at rank 6 or 7. This should just show up in the character’s inventory after they log in when the fix to the bug goes live.[/su_quote]

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This is a more than fair solution in our opinion and certainly what players have been asking for. In our poll regarding the issue the vast majority was in favor of a compensation. Now you might even be able to bypass RNG by the way. Killing the Tyrant now should guarantee you a scale once the fix goes live.

It might have taken the devs a while to acknowledge and deal with the issues, but at least it seems they will eventually resolve them to everyone’s satisfaction.

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