Did Player Protests Over Huntgate Escalate?

To start off the week on Uncensored, we’d like to promise you that this will be the last day that we’ll cover Huntgate (excluding any official news or statements). It was bad, but the story is told at this point and we really would like to be able to switch over to more fun stuff, like Module 15! So if you’ve heard enough, you only need to survive today. There’s still some stuff to go over regarding the ban wave and the first news is actually of a more serious note.

Did Players Issue Threats at Devs?

The above tweet was sent yesterday evening and the timing very much suggests that it’s related to Huntgate. It wouldn’t be the first time that players went over the top in protesting ingame happenings. Devs working for World of Warcraft for example got real-life threats for “messing up the story” in “Battle for Azeroth”. If you feel like bringing ingame issues to the real world, Neverwinter’s Community Manager has a clear message: They’re done with you at that point. Granted, it’s the personal account of the CM and might be non-game related or refer to an earlier incident. So you can’t be sure.

For those that feel they have to voice their opinion loud and clear, you can still do it, you know? Uncensored for example long ago established something that we call “do not go beyond the username”. We freely talk the game around here, which can be bashing, bitching, and whatnot, but anything personal is off limits. That includes racial or gender-specific slurs and obviously any information tied to actual people. We feel that’s a great guideline on how to allow free talk that doesn’t cross any lines.

Anyway people, what happens in the digital world stays in the digital world. Isn’t that what they say?

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3 thoughts on “Did Player Protests Over Huntgate Escalate?

  • September 24, 2018 at 8:38 am

    I’m a day two player, my wife a day one player, we brought our entire happy wars clan over from 360 to one within two months of each other. In three years I have dumped near or around a thousand dollars not including my wife’s play, on a game that’s cost me money in glitches andchanged the value of product after payment was received.
    It was nice to receive something of value for my money without having to ignore my real life to get it.Finally for once, they put out a product, like they always do, before it works right, and they got hurt instead of their clients. Why can’t they fix the black tiamat, or mini spell plauge caverns glitch? It doesn’t make them money. I would even go as far to say that the leveling up process was devoid of dopamine triggers, as it is designed to be frustrating and costly.
    I am in the beginning of my third day, and am treating NW like you might treat an exgirl friend. I’ve started seeing other game developers, started reachening out to guild and alliance mates to play other things. I bought the ESO founders pack the day they came out, and never touched it. I also don’t binge play it like NW, in three years I’ve racked up a year and a half of play hours. I believe it’s because when I level up or accomplish something, I feel good. I’m not fried by 5 and 1 percent odds of improvement, and it never turns out to be that good, often taking double the tries. Even now they reduce individual earning potential to $2.50 to $3.00. What back alley crack den on Coral street are you gonna flop in with that kind of money. My guild mates cannot move forward until my ban is up, if it ever is.
    In closing, even if my ban were lifted, would I return. What would I return to. A friend who taught me to make money in master crafting, also showed me the glitch. He transferred his fortune to an alt account. Now, the amount he made from the glitch was small compared to his vast wealth, they took all his zen. I had 15.72 million in zen before the glitch, what would I walk in on. My ex girlfriend NW boning my money, likely so…

  • September 24, 2018 at 12:25 pm

    “Who the hell is Julia Fredrickson@trianakvetch?”, ask I.

    “If you feel like bringing ingame issues to the real world, Neverwinter’s Community Manager has a clear message: They’re done with you at that point. Granted, it’s the personal account of the CM…”

    So, what’s the story here? She doxxed herself?


    • September 24, 2018 at 2:38 pm

      Sounds nasty.

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