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Double Guild Marks is part of the regular weekend rotation that usually runs from Thursdays to Mondays. In this guide we’ll be looking how you can prepare for, and profit from, the event the most. As the name suggests, feeding resources to your Stronghold’s coffers will result in twice the Guild Marks over the course of the event days. So donating what you have obviously makes much sense.

Planning More Important Than Farming

The most interesting aspect of Double Guild Marks is that you don’t make as much profit farming it while it’s up. Instead, you should plan ahead and gather all the stuff you plan to donate in advance. Usually players stack up Influence, profession crates, Quartermaster drops, and other stuff and throw it into guild coffers during x2 GM. This is indeed the most effective way to deal with the event.

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So what resources can be accumulated easily? First of all, Influence. Run your daily HEs in your Stronghold with as many characters as possible (and with as many you can bear). I’ve also mentioned profession crates above. Temporary Stronghold vendors that every decent alliance should have up regularly sell cheap resources that you can turn into crates. The best are the gem ones from Jewelcrafting, but you can theoretically do this with any profession. Especially now that the devs revise Leadership in the new Module 15 Workshop system, I would no longer level it and go for crates instead. On toons that already own Leadership 25 however, it might make more sense to produce Leadership chests, depending on your needs.

Don’t Farm Campaigns

You can also farm campaigns for currency, but I wouldn’t do it for the measly amount of GMs you’ll get out of it. All best ways to acquire Guild Marks are by the way written up in this guide. So absolutely make sure to read through it as well as it contains much more information. One thing I’d like to highlight here, which is actually the only way to really farm the event while it’s running, is to use a hole in the system to make a massive amount of GMs with Profession Craftsmen. A group of five people can create a guild, fill the Labor Coffer, delete the guild again, and repeat. Purple workers are cheap and this way you can easily get hundreds of thousands of Guild Marks during the event.

It’s been in the game forever. So even if it’s technically an exploit it has turned into a feature by now. The devs never cared and most Mastercrafters have accumulated their GMs this way.

Chain Double Events

The Double Guild Mark event is a key component of some important event chains. You can for example farm Influence during a corresponding double event and then trade it in during x2 GM. The same with Stronghold Shards, or Double Enchantments (although it’s advised to spend or sell RPs instead of donating them to coffers). Accumulated Guild Marks can then be turned into ADs using Explorer’s Charts for example. This is why Double Guild Marks is one of the major money maker of the game and should be used extensively. Have fun farming everyone!

That should be the basics of the Double Guild Mark event. Did I miss anything? How do you utilize the x2 weekends? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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3 thoughts on “Double Guild Mark Event Guide

  • October 12, 2018 at 9:54 am

    When I first started, I didn’t see the point to being in a guild other than for the boons. There’s so much for a new player to do that having to donate feels like a hassle.

    However, after seeing how much ad you make off resources from scrolls, you really can’t not be in a guild. You need some way to make Guild marks, otherwise you’re missing out on a massive AD source.

    Makes me wonder if those resources are still going to be as valuable once the new mod comes out.

    Can you refine the Gold Ore from Wispering Caverns into Gold Bars? … I understand we’re going to need lots of gold latter on.

    • October 12, 2018 at 6:58 pm

      If the new Professions abolishes those resources and replaces them with new ones, the AD value will slump. I think the only value most things will have is exchanging for the Credits to buy the new tools and new reagents.

      Apparently, you can’t buy the new Craftsmen on Test Server, just the Tools. At least, you can’t buy them yet. I don’t know if that will be added before it goes live. The only craftsmen available are the green rookies with almost no skill, and we have to train them up.

      There will be Professions Packs for Zen, if course…


  • October 12, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    I always save all my Guild Vouchers, Influence etc and donate it on 2x Guild Marks. It’s a shame the -20% Guild Mark discount is always BEFORE 2x GMks, as I would have liked to get some Cloaks from the vendor at a discount.

    I’ve never thought much of donating epic Craftsmen to a guild and then deleting the guild just to get lots of Guild Marks. What’s the point, really? Some of my characters were maxed out just from the Double Influence event.

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