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The Double Professions event is part of the regular weekend rotation that usually runs from Thursdays to Mondays. In this guide we’ll be looking how you can prepare for, and profit from, the event the most. Although the event is usually referred to as “x2 Professions”, the name can be a bit misleading. Some players might think that rewards from professions are getting doubles, but that’s not actually the case.

What Is Getting Doubled?

Instead, “2x Profession Resources” is the more accurate term, because that’s what this event is about. All resources you gather around the game are getting doubled. That includes everything from open world nodes to Leadership chests. I think it’s a little known facts that stuff like Enchanted Coffers can drop 2x Unified Elements, for example. Not that it’s super valuable at the moment, but could be helpful in the future. I would still open those Leadership stuff on x2 Refining Stones, but if you really need the resources for whatever reason, go for it.

For me it makes little sense to go out and farm normal nodes. The stuff you’ll find just isn’t worth it. I’m not too sure whether or not Profession Resources from those Mod 6 Heroic Encounters are getting doubles. But even if, not worth farming either.

Masterwork Nodes

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So what should you be farming during a Double Professions event? Masterwork Charts! It’s actually that easy. With the Explorer’s Guild boon from your Stronghold you’ll get four times the resources out of nodes and turn it into a nice amount of AD. The market for Masterwork resources settled considerably, but if you’re looking for a decent way to make money, there you go. You stock up on Explorer’s Charts, collect the resources, and ideally use them for crafting yourself or sell them at a later point (prices usually drop in the weeks after the event).

What Explorer’s Chart makes most sense highly depends on the platform you play on. So it’s hard to give an advise. Explorer’s Case: Skyhold has always been good and the most recent ones from Chult should also give you decent value. But please look up prices and come to your own conclusions based on the current economy. Masterwork is all about science and sheets anyway.

Double Event Chains

Double Professions currently is a one-trick pony. But since Masterworks have the potential to net so many ADs, it’s still a major event. Also you need to realize the Double Event chains that can multiply your earnings. Imagine farming Influence on a x2 event, trade them in during Double Guild Marks, buy charts, and then farm them on a x2 Professions. Although you sometimes have to stash away items for weeks or months, it’s worth being patient and doing the right stuff on double weekends.

That’s our guide for the Double Professions event! Did I miss anything, do you utilize the format for something else than chart farming? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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