Double Seals Event Guide

Double Seals is part of the regular weekend rotation that usually runs from Thursdays to Mondays. In this guide we’ll be looking how you can profit from the event the most. Seals are a very basic currency in Neverwinter that players can usually spend on gear. But some vendors also offer Enchantment Shards or Rough Astral Diamonds. As the event name suggests, all sources of Seals will be doubled. So running content that reward Seals is obviously a decent idea.

What Content Does Drop Seals?

This event is one of those that pretty much rewards the stuff you’re usually doing anyway, most namely running dungeons. All group content drops Seals from bosses and end chests and hence gets a boost from the double event. Chance is that you won’t actually need to tweak your daily routine to profit. The only thing I would really recommend is to double down on your random queues. Also easier and faster dungeons make more sense in terms of pure farming purposes.

The other big area that should be mentioned besides dungeons are Heroic Encounters. The crazy days of River District farming might be over, but if you have to run dailies in some campaign zones, it can’t hurt to take down the HEs you come across. Please make sure to trade in your Seals regularly though. The 1,200 caps are easy to reach and during a x2 event it can happen that you have to spend them multiple times.

What to Buy?

Now that you hopefully have amassed a lot of Seals, what’s a smart buy? Unless you can use the gear from the vendors, you go all in on Salvage in Module 14. Buy as many rings as possible and call it an event. In Module 15, it more depends on what you need. The best way to get ADs is saving epic gear pieces for a Double Guild Mark event and then donate them to Stronghold Coffers. That takes time and requires patience though. The more “instant gratification” options are trading Seals for RAD, and gear for Gold or RPs.

Overall Double Seals is a convenient event that in most cases will boost stuff that you’re doing anyway. Just be sure to trade in your Seals regularly and make up your mind what you want to buy. You can either supply alternate characters with decent item levels or add to your wealth. Most players should definitely be able to find a way to benefit from the event.

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