Double Underdark Event Guide

The Double Underdark event is one of the minor weekend events that usually run from Thursdays through Mondays. As part of the double campaign currency format, it doubles all currency you get from the Underdark campaign. In this guide we’ll quickly look at the tasks you should be running to make the most out of the event. Let’s get started!

Event Structure

Before we dive into the best stuff to do, let’s quickly deal with the structure of the event. All quests and boxes that drop Faerzress or Demonic Ichor will hand out twice as much. This includes chests in dungeons, Heroic Encounter rewards, and the Cache of Ichor. Theoretically you could also pre-farm HEs and open the rewards during the double event in case you feel it’s worth the effort. Otherwise there’s not really a way to prepare for Double Underdark.

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The good thing about this specific campaign is that currency exclusively drops from group content and hence is uncapped. Earlier in the game the currencies were on a weekly cap, but that’s no longer the case. So it might actually be the double currency event in which you can farm the most. Another advantage is that many of you might be farming the corresponding content anyway. Demogorgon for example has become a popular destination since M15 to farm ADs thanks to it being a quick completion. And random queues can obviously get you into Underdark content as well. So in most cases you’ll probably profit from the event without even specifically farming it.


In case you do want to farm though, the approach is fairly simple as well: Just queue up for as many Demogorgons as you can handle. The completion already grants currency and one additional chest is for free. That way you should be able to get more than enough Faerzress to fully complete the campaign or forge keys for the foreseeable future. The Demonic Ichor in the meantime can be used to generate some Astral Diamonds or buy purple gear for your stronghold coffer.

That being said though, you won’t get rich farming Double Underdark. It’s great if you’re working on the campaign, and still handy to build currency for future keys, but there’s not enough stuff to turn into ADs. The underwear in the store is unbound, but only sells for pennies on the AH. And converting ichor into RADs is less efficient than doing other stuff. That’s why you shouldn’t feel forced to go all in, but it definitely can’t hurt to shift your focus a little bit towards Underdark content whenever the event is around.

Have fun with Goristro and Demogorgon!

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  • January 11, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    On consoles, this is the last weekend to earn salvage. So you can get your Faerzress, convert Ichor into salvage, and salvage whatever gear drops. … and I think it earns some seals too which you might also be able to convert to salvage.

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