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Right before the Maze Engine release that brought back Castle Never and a few others as leveling dungeons, we called for your best, and worst, memories of the original dungeon designs and a few of you answered! Here are some of the submissions in no particular order:

I play on Xbox, and Lair of Pirate King is the worst. Sure, it’s the easiest one to farm for ADs, but the crash is unbearable! Doesn’t matter if you pull or play normally, it’ll crash. I called it Lair of Crash King.iLag1337
i found some old screenshots from 2014. Because it was no real challenge to clear epic dungeons as a 5 man group, i tried to clear every dungeons solo with my guardian fighter. I cleared every dungeon solo but sadly i only found the screenshots from karrundax and spellplague. Also added a screenshoot of my old guild “Schwarzer Adler” in Castle Never. The old dungeons were realy great and it was a lot of fun to clear them. Hopefully they will all come back in the future.@slappdaniel
Castle Never made me rich. Nuff said!
Back when I first completed CN on my 13k DC, I was literally sweating after the Draco fight! It was great and I’m still waiting for a comparable experience to date…
Way back in the day, Guardian Fighters were, uh, bad. Fun to play but lacking in ability to protect the team, overshadowed by the fact that CWs could protect the team better by simply freezing everything around them, and generally considered not a good addition to a party.

Cryptic looked to address this – turning Knight’s Valor into the toggle skill we all know and love, increasing the effect of Marks, making the Tab-Mark a permanent one, etc, etc. And the patch notes included such gems as “Damage of powers has been increased by 20% across the board. Weapon damage increased across the board. Average increase of roughly 50%”

So. We knew we were getting an upgrade, a big one. To celebrate, the night before the patch 5 of us decided to run Epic Lair Of The Mad Dragon together. You remember Mad Dragon, right? Erinyes all over the place. Teleporting monsters. A midboss that spawns infinite minions if you take too long killing him.

There we were, 5 pre-patch tanks, all competing for Marks, all with veeery low damage outputs, running the dungeon widely considered the most annoying, due to the monsters who heal each other and jump around.

It was pretty fucking fun.

We put our heads together and came up with a plan. I would be the “Tank” tank, aiming to grab mobs and hold them until the others were ready to deal with them. Two of the others swapped powers to become “Pushers” – prones and big knockbacks, devoted to keeping the healer monsters away from the others. And the last two went “DPS”, such as it was, devoted to making things dead.

It went…. about as well as you’d expect. Our main advantage was the ledges and cliffs: If we could aim it right, we could punt an Erinyes so hard it would have enough hangtime to yell “I can see the Iron City Of Dis from heeeeeeeere” before splattering on the bottom of the map, which was a good thing because even with all 5 of us pounding on one devil it was sometimes hard to kill it faster than it was healing itself. So our entire plan became to pick off the healers first, kick them into next week, and then pick off non-healer pushable monsters and kick THEM into next week, then slooowly pound down anything that was immune to pushes. When there were no cliffs, we ran into trouble – our eventual solution was for everyone to carry some prones and to make sure the Erinyes never got to stand. Which meant, sometimes, we spent several minutes clustered in a corner stabbing a prone monster and kicking its legs out every time it tried to stand. We looked like a bunch of heavily armed playground bullies.

The final bossfight was anticlimactic after the run to get there; it TOOK a while, but by then we’d gotten the rhythm down. The imp adds mostly got swept under the dragon and hit as a side effect of very few GF powers being single-target. When the healers spawned, whoever had aggro would pull the dragon away and everyone else would run to the healer, hold it down, and kick it until candy came out.

We meant to try that again post-patch, to put the 5xGF group back together the next night and run Epic Mad Dragon a second time, but it never panned out.

Thanks to all the participants! If you missed the chance, you can still add your story in the comments below or on our message board!



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2 thoughts on “Dungeon Memories Community Roundtable

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    April 23, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    http://imgur.com/a/HyUr9#0 I found this. Sadly played on old laptop and all ss are bad quality. I have alot memories. CN and Karru were my fav dungeons. And im just sad they stripped T2 from secrets (well, new cn has secret room but its nothing compared to old one). Good to read people’s memories. Its making sentimental. 5 GF run, thats crazy:D But i see no memories from early begining of the game where beating t2 dungeons was hard, when r5 was high rank and r7 meant donner:) Honestly, that were best times when u just learnt how to play and not smash all bosses in 5 CW army parties. I remember all jumping tricks people used to get their 1st T2 gear. Or GG, when you just waited for dungeon. 1st FC when your toon was too weak to beat DK. And all DK speed runs, maxed 5 runs (?) dont really remember, But was fun. All split runs where u made alot of friends and AD. Farming T2 gear and raging if some trash person clicked need to steal it. Damn, that was good times. Now grind for SH all over again, farm rng beholder, rage at vip key shitty drop, rage at nerfs and all broken stuff they add. Rage in pvp where u are forced to play against 4k eoa premade n sit. Staying here just coz we get used to NW, and after all its still not worst mmo.At least not fakin anime style like every other new mmo now.

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      April 24, 2016 at 5:35 am

      …well, oldtimers vs. fanboys, NW is lost allmost all what it had and only fanboys can be Truly “excited” game current conditon…

      …”Ninja” looters, -who grabbed one puny “ring” and left party, that was miserable but also good times… and “Dungeon Delves” limitted time to get chest(was good and bad).


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