Dungeons and Dragons Newest Storyline Brings Players to Waterdeep

On Friday the next official storyline in the D&D universe was announced as part of the 3-day streaming event “Stream of Many Eyes” (SoME). Waterdeep: Dragon Heist will bring players to the main city of the Forgotten Realms setting and into an urban treasure hunt requiring diplomacy, intrigue, stealth, and their wits to follow clues and solve puzzles. Story architect Chris Perkins explained that they tried to bring the feel of Ocean’s Eleven and The Italien Job into a city environment. Players are tasked to find a trove of treasure hidden in Waterdeep that villains are chasing after as well. Kudos to our lore experts JayAgeDee and Kolat by the way, who predicted Waterdeep as next setting weeks ago.

Neverwinter’s Mod 15?

Neverwinter was also part of SoME and set up a shop in the streets of Waterdeep! Lead Producer Thomas Foss and Systems Designer Chantelle Tatum were interviewed, but as expected didn’t break major news on stream. It was basically just a short advertisement for the game. Foss however already hinted at Waterdeep as possible setting for a future update. It’s not really a bold prediction to go with Module 15 here. Wizards of the Coast will release Waterdeep: Dragon Heist this fall, which, following the usual timeline, is also when the next module of Neverwinter is due. So players might get another iconic destination after adventuring into Ravenloft in Mod 14. Good times fellas! It’s also great to see the Cryptic devs in L.A., all dressed up and having fun, being a vital part of the D&D family!

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage

The Dragon Heist is not the only addition as the story will be continued later with a second part called “Dungeon of the Mad Mage”. While the first part sets a heavy focus on roleplaying, the dungeon could be of greater interest to the Neverwinter MMO. It’s about Undermountain, a massive structure beneath Waterdeep that randomly fills and refills with all sort of creatures, puzzles, and traps. That’s definitely something the Cryptic devs can work with!

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbVRQIOuI8s” https=”yes”]

We’ll be getting more information about Waterdeep content and Neverwinter’s plans before too long. In the meantime the Stream of Many Eyes continues today with more live performances of well known groups like Force Grey or Dice, Camera, Action. It’s definitely worth tuning in!

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