Elemental Evil List Of Most Broken Stuff

  • DC Artifact Elemental Off-Hand Class Feature + Hastening Light + Hallowed Ground
    The combination produces insane amounts of AP for the group and current runs are a massive daily spam because of it.
  • Lostmauth Artifact Set + Transcendend Feytouched
    As if is wouldn’t be enough that the Artifact set alone is fairly strong, the set currently completely explodes in combination with a Transcendend Feytouched Weapon Enchantment. Not sure what exactly happens, the Enchantment might apply the debuff too often or whatever, but the damage output from all sources is insane. I’ve recorded 1M procs of Storm Spell.
  • Lostmauth Artifact Set + Gushing Wound
    To complete the list of game-breaking bugs related to the Artifact Set, the HR is able to nearly infinitely proc the set’s damage and one-shot bosses with it. It’s comparable to the SoD bug that made it through the first week of Mod 5.
  • Transcendend Bloodtheft Enchantment
    The enchantment does hit hard and can multiproc. Nuff said. Players heal from zero to hero in PVP and kill opponents by doing so.
  • Safe Spots in Epic Cragmire Crypts
    There are two safe spots in the dungeon from which the end-boss can be attacked without getting hit.
  • Debuffing Weapon Enchantments Do The Opposite
    The only Enchantment that is working properly is the Perfect Plague Fire Enchantment. Literally all other debuffing enchants (Perfect or better) are bugged at the moment. Instead of applying a 8% debuff on mobs, Terror buffs them by 4%. Pure and Transcendend Plague Fire debuff for as high as 5%, but still not the correct 9%. The most hilarious one is the Pure/Transcendend Vorpal, which should apply a 2% debuff on each crit, but actually buffs mobs as well. According to ACT, I got my effectivity down to 66% using a Transcendend Vorpal.


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3 thoughts on “Elemental Evil List Of Most Broken Stuff

  • April 20, 2015 at 7:46 am

    WEll wow we are buffing the mobs here is the mob love i suppose, more bugs for richer botting folks to exploit as usual nothing new..

  • April 21, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    The dragon hoard enchants does not work either. Tried to farm some mob and after 1h of farming, the timer gets insanely bigger. Around 15min in open world.

  • April 22, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    lol this game man….well, more importantly, this developer/design crew….idk how they haven’t been fired

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