Epic Carpet of Flying Received Upgrade After Passenger Hiccup

As you probably know the latest Lockbox of the Lost introduced a pretty cool passenger feature. The new Legendary Carpet of Flying is able to pick up an additional player within groups and give them a ride. The Swords of Chult update however unintentionally went live with the feature also being unlocked for the epic version. Community Manager Julia acknowledged the mistake and the devs went on patching the mount yesterday.

They actually went with a great solution here. All players that already have the epic carpet equipped will receive the legendary skin for free and keep the passenger feature. It’s worth mentioning because such a fair approach hasn’t been the norm in the past. Often the devs would just nerf the item in such a case, leaving them vulnerable to bait and switch complaints. This shouldn’t be an issue this time as all owners got appropriately compensated.

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