Exploit History Vol. 14: Castle Never Picture Frame Shortcut

Exploit History BannerFor today’s episode of our Exploit History we take you back to the original Castle Never dungeon. In the 60s era, the home of Valindra’s dracolich was a completely different environment. There were four bosses, challenging fights and unbound rewards! While the original dungeon experience was great, CN also hosted all sorts of bugs and exploits. It was long and not easy to complete for everyone. So groups would accept any advantage they could get, like the Shadowfell shortcut we’ve already talked about in Vol. 10.

Phew So Tired. Let Me Just Quickly Lean Into This Waaaaaaaaa…

While that one might even have been intended as jump challenge, today’s example most certainly was not. It was one of the early major exploit shortcuts in Castle Never.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hor5Vb3zx0Q” https=”yes”]

As shown in the video, a specific picture frame at the start of the dungeon was not properly sealed off and allowed players to get under the map. They would then run towards the next campfire and kill themselves. Players resurrected right before the first boss, skipping the complete first section of the dungeon in the process.

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Classic Design Fail

This is really a classic design fail on multiple levels. Not sealing off the picture frame is one thing, but allowing players to run below the map and automatically porting them to the nearest campfire on death another. The video also shows more Castle Never shortcut exploits by the way. We’ve already talked about the Shadowfell one, but in the video a TR bypasses the third boss as well. As said, original CN was always prone to exploits.

The devs have gotten a lot smarter over time. Dungeons now require players to unlock campfires by getting close to them. Additionally the environment normally kills you when you try to escape its boundaries. If you have asked yourself why that might be the case, look no further than the Castle Never picture frame shortcut from 2013.

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