Exploit History Vol 15: Infinite Buff Stacks and One-Shotting CWs

Exploit History BannerIn today’s episode of our Exploit History we stay in the 60s era. Back then, the game might not have had as many small issues as today. But if there was a bug, there was a decent chance it turned out to be catastrophic. The one we are looking back at today is such an example.

In July 2013 players figured out that CWs could stack the damage bonus from the feat “Frozen Power Transfer” infinitely using a specific setup. It was basically uncapped and provided absurd damage numbers if you could keep building stacks over an extended amount of time.

One-Shotting Fun

Of course players were just reporting the exploit using the official channels and didn’t use it to one-shot anything, right? Yeah… not exactly. A popular target as always was the last boss inside Castle Never, Azharzel. The video below shows how a group activates the door while the CW keeps killing adds to build up stacks. Entering the arena the wizard releases a Chill Strike for 14M damage, too much for the poor dracolich.

So yes, players exploited this one heavily especially since the CW was a popular class anyway. The devs soon fixed it after the exploit leaked, which wasn’t exactly well received by everyone. The drops from the last boss in CN were a major money-maker and it seems some exploiters wanted to profit a little longer.

Funnily enough, three years later players would once again enter Castle Never to one-shot bosses. But that’s a story to be told in another episode of our Exploit History!

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://youtu.be/kE7qEXuqBgw?t=30m40s” https=”yes”]

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