Exploit History Vol. 4: Permadodge

Exploit History BannerUnfortunately we don’t have any links and proof for this episode of our exploit history, but you better believe this permadodge exploit existed.

At some point in 2014 the exploit leaked in the Ownedcore elite section, which used to be quite active in the early days. A user claimed you could basically get invulnerable using the /Power_Exec console command.

And activating a dodge with a Control Wizard, Trickster Rogue or Devoted Cleric that way indeed resulted in dodging any attacks until a manual dodge was triggered or the map changed. Apparently activating and deactivating are two separate commands that normally are both triggered by a manual dodge. Using the console command however the deactivation was never executed. Additionally Stamina was not consumed because the actual dodge did not happen either.

Players claimed the command had been active since beta and player were using it to solo Castle Never, which was still a hard-to-beat dungeon with significant loot back then.

After leaking the exploit didn’t last for a week. The next patch would deal with it.

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