Exploit History Vol. 7: Primary and Secondary Attribute Enhancement

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In the next two installments of our Exploit History we are going to about a console command that has been problematic in multiple areas. “/genaddwindow” normally is a handy command that can bring up any UI element available. It is used to create hotkeys for elements that are not included in the standard keybinds. You can directly summon certain VIP gimmicks without the need to click through the VIP root menu for example.

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This command however developed into a severe pain for a certain amount of time. One way of exploiting this was to bring up the Character Creation screen and repick the race and the racial attribute bonus. But instead of replacing your old ones, they got added on top of it. So players were able to get more attribute stats than intended and all racial bonuses. This was a very popular exploit within the PVP community.

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When the exploit leaked, it did so with a bang. From one day to another Protector’s Enclave got flooded with instruction how to enhance the attributes. Many players thought that the original offenders tried to cover their trails by baiting others into exploiting the bug as well. Cryptic patched the genaddwindow issue in July 2014, silently wiped the gained bonuses and handed out 3-day bans for the infraction.

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