First Hints At Guild Alliances, More Infos About Jubilee

The Protector’s Jubilee, Neverwinter’s annual birthday party, is scheduled to feature quite a lot of changes. We have already reported that the event will come with a Winter Festival like gift system and additionally we can announce that Strongholds will receive a Jubilee Trader plot. It can host temporary Traders, which produce specific coffer resources for 24 hours.


Traders are available for Astral Diamonds, Gems, Gold, Surplus Equipment, the campaign coffers and, most importantly, Influence. Also different icons for vouchers that are tied to the event have been added. They grant discounts for items bought with ADs, Guild Marks, Trade Bars and different Seals.

The second area of interest is Module 10 and guild alliances.

[su_box title=”Guildalliance_Overview” radius=”0″]What is an {k:guildalliance_title}?

An {k:guildalliance_title} is an alliance of {k:guild}s. Each {k:guild} maintains their own member rosters, chat channel, projects, holdings, etc. However, ally {k:guild_plural} in an {k:guildalliance_title} are able to contribute to each other’s holdings and communicate in an {k:guildalliance_title} chat channel. {k:guild_title_plural} will also receive bonuses based on the combined level of all {k:guild_plural} in an {k:guildalliance_title}. A {k:guild} may invite up to three {k:guild_plural} to be part of its {k:guildalliance_title}, and each of these {k:guild_plural} may invite an additional three {k:guild_plural}, for a total of thirteen {k:guild_plural} in an {k:guildalliance_title}.


It’s a well known secret by now that Neverwinter will introduce its version of the Star Trek Online Fleet Armadas. It looks like both designs will match, meaning an alpha guild will be able to invite three beta guilds, which then are able to add three gamma guilds themselves, adding up to the mentioned 13 guilds total (1+3+9). Within an alliance, you will presumably be able to contribute to other guilds coffers. Alpha guilds are probably getting small buffs to experience or AD gain, gamma guilds a reduction to structures to help them grow, and beta guilds a balance of both.

It’s premature analysis, but the alliance system mainly looks to be a new sink for guilds that already have maxed out their Stronghold and are loking for ways to still earn Guild Marks. As set up, it is not designed to help small guilds grow faster by cooperating. They need to align under a bigger guild to get benefits. You may want to read the STO dev blog on how their Armadas work.

There are also new Stronghold vendor structures for Professions, Salvage and Trade Bars with different benefit levels. We are unsure how those can fit the Stronghold or Alliance progression, but the levels indicate these might need to be ranked up like the marketplace. The Trade Bar store can be brought up everywhere anyway, so an addition to the Stronghold makes no sense without additional benefits. Maybe guilds will get exclusive profession/masterwork and trade bar items and / or higher salvage values.

Last but not least, the Mysterious Egg event will be replaced with a new one called Mysterious Chargers, which works the same way and will drop new Courser and Destrier Horse Mounts. The Egg has long lost its value, because its items were made available through gifts during the Winter Event and a change was necessary. Xbox players can tell, because the event recently ran on the console and players could claim the Egg for 400k off the auction house while the event price at the Wondrous Bazaar remained unchanged at 1,2M. On PC, the Egg currently sells for as low as 185k.


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