Fixing The Neverwinter Campaigns: Shadowmantle

The devs are keen on keeping the old content viable and they tweaked old Neverwinter campaigns more than once in the past, but there are still some annoying inconsistencies that need to be addressed. So let’s look at each of the campaigns in the coming weeks and discuss which areas could be tweaked. We already looked at Fury of the Feywild and next up is Shadowmantle.

Neverwinter Valindra's Tower Fight Scene
Valindra’s Tower Fight Scene

Neverwinter’s second module Shadowmantle was one of my favorite campaigns. Not necessarily because of its content, but because it was so ALT friendly. The dailies are fast and you can simultaneously advance with multiple characters. It’s also the module that probably has the most relevance until today. Marks drop from it and although Artifacts are already easy to refine, RPs from dailies are always a plus. Ironically with the additional Demonic Hunt quest they boosted the campaign that prolly needed it the least. Doing the daily lair and the HEs makes Shadowmantle’s boons a swift 16-day completion, less than any other campaign and much less than Tyranny of Dragons and Fury of the Feywild.

The campaign quests however are dearly missing a currency sink. Where others have Dragon Hoard EnchantmentsFey Blessings and potions, Shadowmantle comes up short. Plus the gear from Recover Thayan Gear suffers from the same problem as its Module 1 counterpart: It’s missing true viability within the game.

For the stores it’s annoying that Genie’s Gift can’t net you a Sack of Thayan Riches, especially since the needed Priceless Thayan Antiquity and its corresponding lockbox will slowly disappear.


  • Raise the 60 versions of Lathander’s Cloak and Belt to six Cipher, 50 Scrolls and 75 Scrip.
  • Half the prices of the Thayan Servitor gear.
  • Move the Thayan Jewelry to the store.
  • Let Recover Thayan Gear drop the old skins of the Dread Legion gear.
  • Remove the Cipher from the Demonic Hunt quest, but raise Scrolls and Scrip to 5/12.
  • Add a potion that raises tertiary attributes by one for an hour for 15 Scrip.
  • Change the exchange reward for Genie’s Gift to a Sack of Thayan Riches.
  • Add an Artifact Paraphenalia for 15 Scroll.

With these changes the campaign boons are pushed back to 31 days, which is still pretty fast, and getting the Gauntlets should be a tad faster. The Demonic Hunt and daily lair would cover one VT key per day and if all boons are acquired, a Cipher can be also exchanged for one campaign potion (post some good name suggestions, I have none…). The rest of the dailies and the weekly can be used to acquire the transmutes, finish the Gauntlets and acquire Artifact Paraphenalias if anything else is already owned or not wanted.

In line to Sharandar the BoP progression gear is reduced in price to match its usefulness. Lathander gear however is made a 6-day acquisition like the Seldarine one in Fury of the Feywild. I think it’s fair to grind a bit for BoE gear that you can use on other characters, albeit its viability is limited to leveling.

What are your suggestions for the campaign in Dread Ring? Post it in the comments or visit our forum! Next week we’ll be dealing with the Curse of Icewind Dale!


j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.

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    It shoudl be noted, that TR thayan armor is most sexy TR armor on female models 🙂 So it might be still useful as appreance change.

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