Former Neverwinter Mod Ironzerg and Current One ManicGypsy Reunite on Fallout 76 Subreddit

Some of you that are around for some time might remember Ironzerg. “IZ” for the longest time was a very active player and also part of an infamous mod duo that largely controlled the flow of information with a very restrictive conception of what allowed discussion topics on the biggest community platforms should be. The other part of that duo, ManicGypsy, is still around, but Ironzerg at some point didn’t agree with the general direction of the game and eventually quit at some point in 2017.

New “FO76FilthyCasuals” Project

Now it seems both have reunited under a different flag. ManicGypsy on Discord already hinted a few days ago that “another project that fell into my lap is taking an incredible amount of time”. What she might have been referring to is the FO76FilthyCasuals Subreddit, in which both her and Ironzerg are listed as moderators.

[su_quote cite=”ManicGypsy” url=””]I am really wanting this sub to succeed here, but it kinda came together and picked up steam really quickly. I am not the one that created it, but I offered to help out since I have moderation experience here on Reddit.[/su_quote]

The Subreddit aims to become the go-to place for Fallout 76 players that classify themselves as “casuals”. As you would expect, Ironzerg and ManicGypsy implemented a tight “no complaints, game bashing, or talk about exploits” policy. Because why change what already didn’t work for Neverwinter, right? But it gets even more hilarious. In the wake of the Bethesda data breach in their support system, Ironzerg made fun of the incident. He reasoned that everyone should calm down because the leaked personal data might be available on the internet anyway.

Sharing Personal Data Suddenly OK?

That’s, uhm, interesting. One of the reasons why Uncensored has been blacklisted on official sources under Ironzerg’s reign is the alleged sharing of personal info of players. Whenever they run out of explanations why Uncensored is evil, some folks still come up with the “allowed doxxing” narrative. Aside from the fact that it’s a made up accusation (the one time it happened our site did react promptly), Ironzerg shows a nice double standard here. “Doxxing” from a company apparently is “OK” and everyone should “relax” and just “have fun”.

We don’t agree, and neither does Neverwinter Community manager Julia by the way. In the wake of Huntgate protests she left no doubt how she feels about the topic.

It’s certainly interesting that Neverwinter mods apparently work other Subreddits that are ok with leaking personal data while their CM over at Neverwinter has declared it a “no-go”. Plus they themselves have used the argument against other people in the past. Other than pointing out these inconsistencies in opinions we don’t overly care however. In the end it might even be good that certain folks get distracted with other games and communities. At least they can’t bug us as much, right?

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3 thoughts on “Former Neverwinter Mod Ironzerg and Current One ManicGypsy Reunite on Fallout 76 Subreddit

  • December 9, 2018 at 10:47 am

    Well FO76 is a pretty shit game, ah well at least it will keep her over there maybe

  • December 9, 2018 at 12:40 pm

    What a pair of Retarded Twats.


  • December 9, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    Oh no poor Frozen Fire is going to feel all left out. Funny thing is month or so before he became a mod i was razzing him on the forums here i guess. As many was messing around with who was going to be next mod ( Lancer ). And when i said my money is on frozen fire he comes back and attacks me saying he would never want to be a forum mod and how there is no point as they do not even get paid. Just wish i could find those posting but i was on vacation for a month or so at the same time he became a new mod and hard to search so far back on the forums. But just his attitude lies and how snarky he was makes him the perfect addition to the butter plugers the mod arc forums.

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