Foundry Might Be Coming up Again Next Week

After every module update, the Foundry goes down and through a separate update and republishing process before it can be brought back up again. As the user generated content system is no longer a priority, this sometimes takes a considerable amount of time. And in case of the Tomb of Annihilation release, it seems to take forever. Nitocris83 originally commented on the issue in late October, when the module already had been live for three months.

[su_quote cite=”Noticris83″ url=”″]Hi everyone! We are working to get the Foundry back up as quickly as possible (after it gets disabled with module releases). This time our Core team detected an issue that was impacting both Neverwinter and Star Trek Online Foundries so it may take a couple weeks to get it up. Our goal is to make sure it doesn’t take as long as it’s previously been after some releases.[/su_quote]

Goal Is Next Week

More statements followed on November 8th and 24th without any clear commitment to a date. Yesterday however Miasmat had a more concrete update on the matter.

[su_quote cite=”Miasmat” url=”“]We tried to get the Foundry running for this week’s maintenance, but it didn’t work out. We have a few critical people struck with the office plague, so it’s been rough getting all the pieces in place for an update this week. We have a really strong suspicion that we fixed the last problem with Foundry internally, with the goal of pushing that to Preview this weekend and live next week’s maintenance. Sorry this has been dragging on so long – but there really are a lot of moving pieces that affect this.[/su_quote]

This is some encouraging news. Don’t forget it’s not only that you can’t create new quests but also are unable to play the existing ones. In the end the whole delay might actually even be a sign of good things to come. We know the devs tweaked some code to be able to maintain the Foundry a lot quicker in the future. Looks like these improvements might have caused the current situation. But once resolved, it should be a plus going forward. Plus Chult assets should have been added, at least that was the plan back in October.

State of the Foundry Still Sad

Let’s not kid ourselves however. The state of the Foundry is still sad and it’s no longer listed as cornerstone feature of the game anyway. Any progress is good however and it’s much appreciated that the devs indeed seem to keep pushing the matter. We certainly keep our fingers crossed that you guys will be able to get back to your lovely quests next week!

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2 thoughts on “Foundry Might Be Coming up Again Next Week

  • December 6, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    Every week there is a “Foundry Update” on the calendar. But every week it’s not working. I heard it was to stop Toxic Exploiters running AD and XP Farms and Cheat-Leveling to 70 in 2 hours.

    I used to like running those quests back in Mod 2 and 3, when I had only ten characters and had time to do it for the extra AD from Rhix. But I don’t have time these days.

    Ever since they removed Rhix’s participation, most of my old characters still had some of his old quests for AD for Dungeons, Skirmishes (including CTAs), PvP and Foundry in their journal. But due to Mod 6, I abandoned all those characters to focus on my strongest. With Mod 8 and BtA gear, I can share Elemental Drowcraft, Twisted and the Underdark rings, so I play my old characters again and sometimes got Rhix’s AD as a hidden “extra”, which then removed the quest from my journal.

    Sadly, this bonus AD was finally removed from the journal quest rewards when they introduced Random Queues in Mod 12b, before I had a chance to get it on some of them. Not a huge amount, but every little helps! The undone quests are still there, but if I qualify to turn in from doing Random Queues, I get nothing from Rhix at all. 🙁

    But some of those foundry quests were very well done. It will be nice to be able to run some again, for the nostalgia. I never got in to designing them, as it was down so often it didn’t seem worth it.

    • December 7, 2017 at 8:46 am

      If you’re referring to the “Foundry Spotlight” in the calendar, that sadly died a long time ago. The Community Manager used to feature certain quests frequently and there even were ingame achievements tied to it. Only one cool thing related to the Foundry that probably will never come back.

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