Frost Enchantment Unintentionally Debuffs Mobs

In the last couple days a new bug surfaced on the official PWE message platforms as well as our own forum. It looks like the Pure and Transcendent unintentionally debuff mobs on such a large scale that any content is trivialized.

There seem to be three independent issues at work. To understand the first one we need to look at the Plague Fire Enchantment. It decreases Defense on players, but since mobs don’t have such a rating it debuffs damage resistance in that case. The same happens with the Pure and Trans Frost versions. They decrease Deflect, another rating mobs don’t feature. This might not even be unintended however. The resulting debuff is slightly bigger than Plague Fire, but it also only lasts for four of seconds every 20 seconds.

What breaks the enchantment are the two other issues. Weirdly half of the Life Steal percentage of the bearer is added to the debuff. This is absolutely a bug, because the enchantment is not supposed to have any interaction with Life Steal at all. Secondly DoT heavy classes or enchantments seem to be able to stack the effect, leading to a damage boost for the party of up to 400%. This is multiplicative to other debuffs or Into the Fray.

The Frostburn Enchantment also debuffs Deflect and might have the same effect. We think this bug might be around since the rework of the enchantments a few mods ago, but because of the low popularity people just recently started to find out about it. Now that the cat is out of the bag the market for these enchantments exploded though. In a matter of days Lessers went from 60,000 AD to over 250,000 AD in the Auction House.

Although it would be kind of funny if the Frost Enchantment would stomp the winter-themed Storm Kings Thunder module, we hope the devs find a way to fix this before 16th. So far the bug is only confirmed for PC. We are not sure about the console versions.


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  • September 12, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    Is there a nerf in place for this

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