Game Developers Unite on GDC 2018

The Game Developer Conference is a yearly professional game industry expo that currently takes place in San Francisco. If you’re not only interested in gaming but also the business side of things, there’s usually tons of great info and research coming from the GDC’s panels. Raph Koster for example presented a “The Trust Spectrum” he’s been working for with a team lately. The idea was to study how trust that players have for each other impacts games, and how you could cleverly design systems to use and build on that trust. The longish article is worth a read for those interested in psychology and general game design theory.

More than that however, the GDC this year was a platform to push unification for game designers. Apparently there have only been half-hearted efforts so far to provide devs with the security, support and stability that’s required in a fast-moving and sometimes ruthless industry. “Game Workers Unite” aims to change that and their goal is not smaller than becoming a proper entity so they can interface with governments. It’s certainly the right thing to do and might be going somewhere as the GWU works closely with established media unions like the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild of America.

If there’s more interesting stuff popping up from the GDC within the next days, we’ll inform you guys. Until then, have a great weekend and kick some Yuan-Ti butt!

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