Go Grab Your Teal Cracked Fey Wolf from Garlaanx and Unforgiven on Ravenloft Launch Day!

The Neverwinter Ravenloft hype train has officially started as the next major module update is only days away. On Tuesday you can adventure Barovia, challenge Strahd, and let Madame Eva tell the fortune through her Tarokka Deck. While exploring the new content it might additionally make sense to monitor certain Neverwinter Twitch channels. Because Perfect World was kind enough to provide selected streamers with unique giveaway codes for a rare “Teal Cracked Fey Wolf”.

We know of two streamers so far that own codes and have attached their channel and some additional information below. “When” and “how” the mounts are given away is not yet known, but both plan to stream on launch day. So it’s probably best if you check out their channels and see what’s up. Just don’t get impatient or annoying. They will eventually hand out the codes, but will obviously do it on their own terms.

Garlaanx (https://www.twitch.tv/garlaanx)

Garlaanx is a veteran player and longtime Uncensored affiliate that streams Neverwinter on Xbox. He also operates a Youtube channel that’s regularly updated with guides and his own Scourge Warlock builds. His outspoken attitude and expert gameplay makes him a nice destination not only for fellow Warlocks, but for Neverwinter players of all kind that want to experience the game from an endgame perspective. He is also very manly, bald, and bearded, which may or may not be appealing to you! In any case make sure to stop by his Twitch channel on Tuesday (he’ll probably hop onto a PC character for the launch stream), and whenever he streams Neverwinter really. Because he’s a good dude!

Unforgiven/Northside (https://www.twitch.tv/unforgivennwo)

Unforgiven is one of those GWF beasts on PC that melt through bosses like butter (with a little help of DCs of course). He has probably tested Ravenloft more than anyone else (honorable mention to Rainer though) and put out an incredible amount of Youtube videos (channel link) covering the module in recent weeks. More than that he’s a reliable source for all things GWF and regularly updates his guides. On Tuesday he can be found on his Twitch channel, where he’ll finally be able to grind Barovia on the live shard. If you want to get in-depth information about the Ravenloft module based on hundreds of hours spent on preview, there shouldn’t be a better place.

Make sure to check out these two on launch day for quality coverage and maybe even a chance to win an unique mount skin! Know of more streamers that have mount codes? Share them on our social channels, in the comments below, or the corresponding thread on our message board! See you all in Barovia!

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2 thoughts on “Go Grab Your Teal Cracked Fey Wolf from Garlaanx and Unforgiven on Ravenloft Launch Day!

  • June 23, 2018 at 10:56 pm


    An SW friend in NW linked me to garlaanx a while ago when I wanted to update my original DB Temptation from Mod 4. He seems to know his stuff very well and cries Woe, Woe and Thrice Woe that the only place for an SW in the current Meta is for the Temptation capstone Feat on Warlock’s Curse. Several of his YT subscribers said they’d park their SW for a while, as if they wanted to play support they would not have picked the class touted by Cryptic as the Ultimate dps Class back in Mod 4.

    My friend says that in sub-BIS groups, he can actually do incredible damage, if he can only get a group to take him as primary dps, which does not happen very often, so he generally runs his Templock load out. I know some 18k TRs like that.

    I don’t know whether the current Meta is the fault of Cryptic or the BIS Theory Crafters and Test Server Experimenters who discovered the Meta party composition. Probably Cryptic, as they coded the game and any players with BIS gear are going to optimise everything they can. I know what fun they have out-dpsing each other and trying to set the world record for 10 Minute FBI and ToNG runs.

    And I am sure I’ve actually seen Unforgiven running around in-game a few times.

    Sadly, I am not able to easy follow Twitch with my current technology, so I may miss out on this.


  • June 25, 2018 at 4:40 am

    Giving free mounts for streamer to gift is a good way to create a community, the problem is it’s beeing a bit late…

    Sorry but I can’t stand to read that garlaanx’s SW Templock build is anyway near good (it’s filled with so much deprecated/not understood stuff that I’ve had to stop the video halfway to avoid insults).

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