Guide to Masterwork Professions V Supplying

[blog_subscription_form]Neverwinter’s Lost City of Omu introduced a whole new tier of Masterwork recipes for the endgame community. For most the system and its products are well out of reach as you need to invest tens of millions of ADs to unlock the latest Masterwork IV and Masterwork V tiers. But even if you have no chance getting there yourself, you can still profit from the update in supplying what others need. So let’s quickly go over the required resources and what opportunities might arise. Yesterday we covered supplying MW IV and continue with MW V today!

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Masterwork V Leveling

The process of leveling to Masterwork V recipes for the first time does not require delivering a set of specific items. Instead, players have to craft “commissioned” items in a first step that can be delivered to the Master of the Market in exchange for “Trade Credit”. Each profession offers four tasks that produce Trade Credit and the required amount is 50,000. Since there is a great variety of different “commissioned” tasks, it’s hard to really supply Mastercrafters specifically. What they need greatly depends on what tasks they have access to and which ones are most lucrative to run.

However, the second step to Masterwork V requires crafting particular legendary items again. For whatever reason Mastercrafters need tons of the Explorer’s Case: Hotenow resources for those: Sal AmmoniacAlum, and NitreGold Ore is something you can supply as well. The tasks also require a bit from the basic resources that drop in Soshenstar and Omu (like Spider Silk or Senna Leaves), but I wouldn’t recommend going for them as they should be really cheap.

Batiri Prism

When Mastercrafters got to their Tier V recipes (hopefully thanks to your supply!), they obviously need the resources to craft the new gear. I’m pointing out Batiri Prisms specifically because it’s a pretty random item that you surprisingly need a lot. The reason is that it’s used in the recipe for Brilliant Beads, an ingredient for all sorts of gear. Prisms are dirt cheap, but supply might not last forever. So it can’t hurt to stash away a few.

Explorer’s Cases

A little more obvious is going for the new Explorer’s Case: Omu and Explorer’s Case: Soshenstar. The new resources are obviously required a ton and you should have no trouble selling them on the market. The two resources Mastercrafters need the most are Samarachan Jute and Bronzewood Log. But since both come from different cases, you can just farm both and sell what you get. All resources should sell pretty well with the exception of Chultan Spring Water, which for some weird reason isn’t needed for the gear tasks at all.

Gold Ore & Alum

Gold Ore & Alum is not only needed to get from Masterwork IV to V, but also for the final recipes. The main culprit is once again Brilliant Bead, whose production chain goes from Scintillant Glass, Gold Wire and Gold Ingot down to Gold Nuggets (Gold Ore) and Concentrated Aqua Regia (Alum).

Other high-selling former resources like Dark Alum or Lacquer Branch are in the doghouse. So as mentioned in the guide to Masterwork Professions IV supplying, I wouldn’t farm Explorer’s Case: Skyhold or Explorer’s Case: Vellosk right now.

Allosaur Fang & Lion Hide

Masterwork V recipes also require some new resources that drop from the world. Since you’ll probably farming Tomb and Cradle anyway, specifically going for Tear of UbtaoMote of Soulfire, and Lichstone that drop from the dungeons is pretty much pointless.

It’s different with Allosaur Fangs and Lion Hides that drop from Allosaurs and Lions in Chult. Especially the Fangs sell for a lot, but have an abysmal drop rate. It can’t hurt to kill the mobs whenever you see them, but you could also try to farm Patrol Quests. An Allosaur is guaranteed to spawn in the “Dinosaur” variant of “Recovering Trade Goods” and the “Batiri” variant of “Hunt and Gather”. If you kill the mobs, but not pick up the maps, you won’t complete the quest and can re-enter the Patrol.

Doing the Patrols this way is a bit of a pain though and you need to judge for yourself whether it’s worth it.

I hope this helps to maximize your profits from Masterworks even if you don’t plan to unlock the IV and V recipes yourself. Do you have any additions or questions? Share them on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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