Holiday Charge Rewards Event Starts off on the Wrong Foot

Yesterday the Holiday Charge Rewards promotion launched across all platform. It’s a well known format that rewards players with extra items the more ZEN they charge with real money. This one features winter themed mounts and no, it’s still not the Black Friday sale. It’s actually in the ingame calendar for a while now and runs throughout Christmas.

No Rewards?

Also well known unfortunately are PWE’s issues to correctly pull off such an event. Yesterday was no different. After the news went up, some players rushed to charge ZEN only to realize that they couldn’t claim any prizes ingame. The devs reacted quickly however and resolved the issue a couple hours later. Now all charge rewards should be correctly claimable. Kudos to them for reacting promptly after the initial reports.

[su_quote cite=”ambassadorkael” url=”″]Hey folks! This issue is fixed now. Anyone who charges as of 10:33 PT will receive their rewards. Anyone who ordered before that (but after the start of the event 🙂 ) will get them later today as the team moves through and grants them. Thanks! [/su_quote]

Did You Charge Too Early?

There might be a second wave of complaints coming though. As Kael pointed out, there apparently were some users that charged their ZEN too early. The news went up at 7:00 AM Pacific time, but the event itself started at 7:30 AM on PC and 10:00 AM on consoles. If you read the news, didn’t pay attention to the event time and rushed to charge ZEN, you might not qualify for the rewards at all.

While players themselves are responsible to correctly read the times, it’s a bit unfortunate that the announcement was made when the event wasn’t actually already live. Normally this isn’t an issue because you can verify that events are running ingame. Say there is a 15% category sale on the ZEN market. A lot has to go wrong for a player to come online, read the news, not pay attention to the date, log on, then don’t realize the category isn’t discounted, and still make the buy. In that case, you messed up yourself. When charging ZEN through the website however the additional safety net isn’t there as there’s no indication whether or not certain promotions are active.

We definitely hope those that bought their ZEN too early will still get their rewards. While they technically don’t qualify, syncing announcement and event start could have saved a lot of trouble here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

In any case we at Neverwinter Uncensored hope you enjoy Thanksgiving with your charge rewards, and your family of course! We’d like to take a minute to thank our great community for showing up every day, on the forum, blog, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, everywhere. Building and maintaining the site is still a blast and knowing that we reach thousands of Neverwinter players each and every day one of the main motivations. We appreciate your feedback, positive and negative, and will hopefully serve the game and its community for a long time to come!

Did you take advantage of the Holiday Charge Rewards? Do you plan to? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Charge Rewards Event Starts off on the Wrong Foot

  • November 23, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    The winter bonus rewards also seem to suffer from some issue

    – At first peple had issues claiming their stuff
    – The account bound loadout don’t seem to work
    – The Manticore mount has no viable insignia combination

  • December 4, 2018 at 6:54 pm

    I purchased 20,000 zen and rec’d the awards for my purchase on the 23rd, but made a 2nd purchase on the 29th and nothing! Is this a recurring problem or is it a one-time only award?

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