How Can You Support Neverwinter Uncensored/Unblogged?

Uncensored/Unblogged (NWO:UN) is the largest fansite of Neverwinter serving more than 50,000 players per month. We offer daily content on multiple platforms, operate the largest Discord of the game, and develop unique and helpful tools for the game. All the services are absolutely free, and NWO:UN does not plan to ever ask for donations, nor introduce premium subscription features. We view ourselves as players that have fun providing content, data, and knowledge. It’s a hobby, and at this point we don’t want to get involved in the obligations and expectations that come with turning it into a business. We like dealing with fans, followers, and fellow gamers, not customers.

What Costs Do We Need to Cover?

Unfortunately there are still rising costs to cover as the site grows. Before we get into the stuff you can do to support NWO:UN, let’s talk about what these costs are. We ask for transparency from others, and gladly lead by example.

  • Webhosting: We’re running a very cheap “Professional Plus” plan at for our site, but have added additional security and backup plans over the years.
  • WordPress: The WordPress blog is the core piece of what we provide and while the software itself is free, most of the better plugin aren’t.
    • We run a monthly Jetpack Personal subscription.
    • Our wonderful “Mega” main menu is a premium plugin with a yearly subscription.
    • The ads are managed through a premium plugin “Advanced Ads” with a yearly subscription.
    • The Colormag magazine theme that the site uses comes with a pro version that we’d like to purchase at some point.
    • A Yoast SEO premium subscription helps us to maximize the visibility of the site on search engines.
    • WP-Optimize premium carries out all sorts of optimizations, helps to speed up the site and reduce errors.
  • CleanTalk: CleanTalk is a premium spam protection with a yearly subscription that we use on our phpBB board software.
  • Discord Nitro: Although not mandatory, we decided to sub to Discord Nitro to have access to all the features there.
  • AdWords: We regularly reinvest some money we make by using AdWords to grow the brand.
  • Facebook Marketing: We rarely reinvest some money we make by using Facebook marketing campaigns to grow the brand.

Thankfully all of this stuff is usually covered by our own advertisements and affiliate marketing. That’s great, and we wouldn’t have done it otherwise. We are enthusiasts, but having to invest money on top of our time is a red line we don’t want to cross.

There’s still much more stuff we’d like to buy or do to enhance the user experience on the site. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Upgrade to a better WordPress Jetpack subscription.
  • Upgrade to a pro version of the WordPress WPForms plugin to create better forms on the site.
  • Upgrade our webhosting package for more stability and performance.
  • Sub to Twitch and Youtube streamers to help grow channels and their community.
  • Run giveaways.
  • + more

How Can You Help?

Enough with the boring stuff! How can you actually help? We’ve provided an extensive list if tasks to help us out that do not involve directly spending money:

  • Disable your AdBlock! You saw this coming, didn’t you? It’s as easy as effective. Most sites like ours generate the most revenue through Ads, but more and more users are blocking them universally. They suck, we get it. But if you like what we provide, it would be tons of help to add NWO:UN to your whitelist. Also make sure to contact us if you feel our ad placement is too intrusive or annoying.
  • Connect with us! We run and maintain several social accounts, and every like, follower or sub is greatly appreciated!
  • Spread the word! You might know we’re still blacklisted on any official platforms (Arcgames, Subreddit) for not entirely complying with Perfect World’s terms of service. This means that users on said platforms do not get access to the best available information all the time. If you feel like an article or resource on NWO:UN may be the answer to a question there, make sure to use the private messaging platforms to spread our stuff. This is indeed invaluable!
  • Link to us! Do you run a guild page, blog, or any other Neverwinter related website? Please consider linking to Uncensored/Unblogged or even include our blog feed. If you’re not sure how to do this, just contact us and we’ll help you set everything up.
  • Come back often! It’s as easy as it sounds. Our daily page views are a great incentive to continue.
  • Affiliate Marketing! NWO:UN participates in different affiliate programs, which are advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising, and linking to online shops. If you plan to buy stuff there anyway, why not use our links?

Whatever you choose to do, thanks for helping out! These type of posts are always a little awkward, but know that we are generally blown away by the amount of support and praise we get. And don’t be afraid, this doesn’t mean Neverwinter Uncensored is in trouble. We are definitely not going anywhere!

Neverwinter UN:Blogged is always looking for writers to contribute to the blog. If you are an active player and search for a way to spread your opinions, analysis, diaries or reviews to more than 50,000 regular visitors, then don’t hesitate and get in touch with us on our contact page or message board! We are currently especially looking for console and PVP content, but that’s not exclusive. There is no frequency requirement, you post how often you want.