How to Open Dungeon Chests Twice?

You might already have stumbled upon this in today’s Community Watch, but we wanted to highlight a certain video in a single post nonetheless. It shows a player that is able to open the “campaign chest” in the Tomb of the Nine Gods dungeon twice, which shouldn’t be possible. Players obviously are only supposed to be able to interact with chests once in case they own a matching key.

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The video doesn’t provide any additional information, but from the visual evidence we can break down what happens. After the boss fight, the campaign chest is unlocked because the player owns a Legendary Dragon Key. They do not open the chest however, but start the campaign task for the Chultan Key. After the task has finished, they are able to interact with the chest twice, consuming the Chultan Key first and then the Legendary Dragon Key.

Why Does This Happen?

It’s not clear why this happens, but let’s theorize a bit. First of all, while hovering over the chest, the game prompts the players to use the “Chultan or Legendary” key. The video however shows that no Chultan key is in the inventory. So this could be a TONG-specific bug in which the game wrongly assumes that they player has the campaign key. That doesn’t really explain why you are able to interact with the chest twice though, much less since the Chultan Key is consumed first.

Another aspect is that completing the tasks triggers a process that enables a “player can open the chest” flag. You’ve probably run into a situation where you’ve completed a dungeon and then realized that you don’t own a key. In that case you can for example buy a dungeon key from the Bazaar or craft a campaign key. The corresponding chest will still unlock. So the game definitely checks whether chest eligibility has changed after vendor activity. If that “player can open chest” count stacks, the observed behavior would make sense. After the boss fight, the game checks eligibility and since the player owns a Legendary Dragon Key, adds +1. Then the completion of the campaign tasks triggers the same check and increments the counter. This is pure speculation, but fun to theorize about.

Might Not Be a New Bug

It might by the way not even be a new bug per se, but just a result of the changed functionality of key tasks. Until Module 13, you couldn’t just craft keys on the fly, because the task took 20 hours. Now, the task itself completes instantly and then goes on a 20-hour cooldown. So this change might simply have messed with how the game determines whether or not players are allowed to open chests.

Anyway, we don’t believe this is major. We haven’t verified if this is possible outside TONG, but most chests are not good enough to spend a Legendary Dragon Key on anyway. So the only real reason to exploit this is probably during Double Enchants, if at all.

Did you already know about his double open chest exploit? Is it possible in all dungeons, or only in some? Share your experience and thoughts on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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