Jungles of Chult Campaign Guide: Repeatable Progression Quests and Forgotten Totems

We continue our journey through the jungles today with the second part of our “Jungles of Chult” campaign guide. Yesterday we sorted out the general structure and progression and in this piece we are going to look at the different quests that land players the main progression currency, Forgotten Totems.

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There are three general types of quests you can do in Chult. In Port Nyanzaru the Merchant Prince Wakanga O’tamu is your main contact for weeklies and so called patrol quests. Additionally Soshenstar River offers zones quests at Camp Vengeance.


Weekly quests in “Jungles of Chult” offer 25 Totems and can be completed once per week. Reset is on Monday 3 AM Pacific (other timezones). After completing the introduction, players start with “Merchant Princes’ Bounty”. It requires you to complete one Soshenstar River quest, the “Chultan Trials” daily and a Hunt. For the Hunt completion you don’t actually have to do one though. It’s enough to stand close to one or slay a rare mob.

More weeklies are then unlocked as you progress through the middle “Advancement” path:

  • “Dangers of Chult” unlocks “Heroic Endeavors”, which requires you to do one Heroic Encounter.
  • “Shrines of Ubtao” unlocks “Shrines of Ubtao”, which requires you to activate multiple shrines across Soshenstar River. Zombie Celeste hands out this one.
  • “House of the Crocodile” unlocks “House of the Crocodile”, which requires you to run the corresponding instance. Zombie Celeste hands out this one.

Chultan Trials

The “Chultan Trials” daily works similar to the progression daily of the River District. You don’t need to work through a specific tasks list, but gain percentage completion for different activities in Soshenstar River. A quest adds 10% for example, slaying a rare mob 3% and completing a Heroic Encounter 20%. If you’re just looking to complete this one for the weekly quest then you don’t have to specifically pay attention to it. It’ll complete over time.

It however grants a nice amount of Chultan Riches and can be done once per day.

Patrolling Chult

Players can obtain “Patrolling Chult” from O’tamu six times per week for 5 Totems each (30 total) and a Treasure Map (guide). The quest requires you to run one of the corresponding patrols, which the Merchant Prince hands out as well. Two of those are available each hour and all of them send players into a small solo instance in Port Nyanzaru or Soshenstar River. You can continue to run the patrol quests even after you’ve reached six completions, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. So make sure to always have “Patrolling Chult” active.

Soshenstar River Zone Quests

Since every Totem cap raise comes with a new weekly, the “Haul” that’s left after completing Port Nyanzaru quests stays the same over the course of the campaign. A total of 45 Totems per week has to be covered with repeatable quests in Soshenstar River. Players rotate through a set of four quests from which two can be picked up at Camp Vengeance at the same time. They grant five totems each, which means you’ll have to do nine per week. It’s surely a drag to go over the same four quests multiple times, but in the end it’s not as big of an effort. Normally you should be able to complete your “Weekly Haul” within one session.

Chultan Hunter

And that’s basically it. Run your weeklies, your patrols and nine Soshenstar River quests and you’re good. If you want to lessen the load you can buy the Chultan Hunter from the ZEN market. It gives three additional Totems per weekly and one additional per patrol and zone quest. It’s up to you whether it’s worth the investment. The most you can safe is four Soshenstar River zone quests.


I personally think the campaign is well set up. You can complete progression on one day each week, and hence comfortably bring multiple characters through the “Jungles of Chult”. Unlocking more weeklies along the way additionally is a nice feature, because that means you don’t get burned out doing more and more Soshenstar River quests. I definitely hope this will become the standard for future content, because it closes the gap between the casuals, that can’t login every day, and hardcores. The boons are nice and with hunting you have an intriguing new feature that, for a grind mechanic, is really more fun than doing other stuff.

The only thing I’m a little bit concerned about is mid-term viability. The dungeon and hunting primarily drops gear. So whenever players will have acquired what they need, there’s little they can still do in Tomb of Annihilation. That point however is still a couple weeks away. For now there are still a lot of Forgotten Totems left to grind.

What’s your take on the progression quests? Do you like them? Are they more or less painful compared to other campaigns? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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    Maybe if you want to speedrun?

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    As always NW is a no challenge.

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