Jungles of Chult Campaign Guide: Structure And Progression

The “Jungles of Chult” campaign of Neverwinter’s “Tomb of Annihilation” sends adventurers exploring the jungle and concludes in solving Acererak’s puzzle filled “Tomb of the Nine Gods” dungeon. Just like Module 11 the campaign offers some choices on how to progress. Depending on your intentions and needs, some tasks make more sense than others. We’ll go through the structure and options in this one so you know where to spend your Forgotten Totems.

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The Three Paths

The campaign is split into three general paths you can choose from. The left one called “Monster Hunt” lets you advance in the hunting feature. The middle one “Advancement” unlocks the new dungeon and the right one features a set of new boons.

You might think it’s a simple choice between hunting, the new dungeon and boons, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. Jungles of Chult does not operate on daily quests, but a limit of how many Totems you can earn each week (starting at 100). The top right “Weekly Haul” bar in the campaign window shows you how many Totems you’ve already earned towards the cap. The middle “Advancement” path ups that limit, and speeds up the progression at the cost of getting into hunting and the boons later.

Advancement let’s players advance

The math on this is actually pretty simple. If you want to progress the fastest possible way, you should burst through the middle. The one exception is the very first week. Your initial 100 Totems are not enough to unlock the “Dangers of Chult” task, so you can go with the “Monster Hunt: Rare Creatures” first. It doesn’t up the cap, but adds to the obtainable Totems in a different way. Star Hunts let you earn 25 additional ones per week that do not count against the cap. The weekly progression should look like this:

  1. 100 Totems from quests +25 from Hunts -100 “Monster Hunt: Rare Creatures” task = 25 leftover
  2. 125 Totems from quests +25 from Hunts +25 leftover -125 “Dangers of Chult” task = 50 leftover
  3. 150 Totems from quests +25 from Hunts +50 leftover -175 “Shrines of Ubtao” task = 50 leftover
  4. 175 Totems from quests +25 from Hunts +50 leftover -225 “House of the Crocodile” task

Please note that the “Weekly Haul” is immediately raised when you complete advancement tasks. So in week two for example you cap at 100 Totems, then complete the task and can continue to earn 25 more for a total of 125 from quests. The final task “Blessings of Ubtao”, that unlocks the dungeon, does not require any Totems.

In case you claimed the Chultan Treasure Cache on your character, which was handed out as gift at the start of module 12, you can also start with the “Dangers of Chult” task. It doesn’t speed up the process however, because you’ll be missing enough Totems in week three to do “House of the Crocodile”.

Other options

If you follow these steps, you’ll have the dungeon unlocked in week four and can earn up to 200 Totems per week to complete the remaining tasks. But as mentioned it also means you are not going to be able to get into the higher tier Hunts before that. The best option you have is using two characters. Let one progress through the middle as mentioned and the other one unlock all hunting tasks. The key is that lures can be transferred between toons. So all you really need is one character on the account that can trade Trophies at the Hunter’s Square. If you don’t have at least two mains that can access Chult, you’ll need to make a choice here though.

Splitting the campaign between two chars is especially helpful since the “Monster Hunt” task is not required to get extra Totems. So characters that pick the middle path can be supplied with lures and get +25 Totems per week as well. That way, or if you can leech off guilds’ or other’s Hunts without having own lures, you can even unlock the dungeon in the third week.

If I needed to pick I would probably go for “Tomb of the Nine Gods” in most cases. But since both path’s main reward is gear, it’s worth bringing up the collection. See whether the gear from Hunts or the dungeon suits your build the most and base your decision on that.

The Boons

I wouldn’t make boons part of the equation by the way. The first tier is nice as it gives more stats plus hit points and the second tier offers intriguing options as well, but you’ll need 800 Totems for all of them. Grinding for eight week in the original “Weekly Haul” cap without access to the new dungeon or hunting is not too great. That’s why I’d really recommend to to the boons last.

For a list of all boons, please refer to our campaign preview. I have no additional information on the utility boons at this point as I’ve not yet been able to test them.

If you progress as mentioned above, you’ll need an additional five to six weeks to finish the campaign. This sets the overall length at 9-10 weeks, which is in line with Storm Kings Thunder and the Cloaked Ascendancy.

That’s it for today folks! Tomorrow we are going to look at the available quests in the campaign and how you can easily cap on Totems in each week! Until then make sure to posts questions and remarks in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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