Learn the Neverwinter Slang with Our Abbreviations Guide [WIP]

Ever joined an online game for the first time, reading through the ingame chat channels and didn’t understand wtf everyone is talking about? Yeah, every game has its own slang and while we can’t help you with all of them, we at least have compiled a list of the most common abbreviations for Neverwinter. Please note that we’ve only listed those that are frequently being used in conversations and chat channels. There are a lot more used in class specific endgame talk for example that however shouldn’t be too important for your everyday experience.

The table below is fully searchable. So all you have to do is copy the term you don’t understand and hopefully we’ll be able to deliver an explanation. Please note though that this is currently still a work in progress and we’re constantly adding terms. In case you didn’t find what you were looking for, leave a message in the comments below! You can by the way also filter the results by categories. The current ones are:

  • General
  • Classes
  • LFG (Channel)
  • Dungeons
  • Zones
  • Trade
  • Heroic Encounters
  • Strongholds
  • Events
  • Modules/Campaigns

Have fun browsing through!

5$ buildGeneralRefers to something that's sold but not worth the money; comes from a Youtuber that tried to sell a build for 5$
15kLFGRefers to an item level of either a player searching for a group or a minimum item level for a player to get into a run; Usually used with rounded thousands, but can also be more precise: 15k5, 15.5k, or 15,500
15minLFGRefers to an ideal run length the group is aiming for; usually used to indicate that you have a potent group and are recruiting for a short run
#8LFGThe hash key followed by a number indicates an instance in an adventure zone; usually used to promote a certain event in a specific instance so players can join; Example: "BHE up in #14"; Sometimes used without the hash key
ACClassesThe Anointed Champion Paragon Path of Devoted Clerics
ARZonesThe Arcane Reservoir weekly lair
ArPenStatsArmor Penetration
Banedin/BanebotClassesRefers to a buffing OP build that uses the power "Bane" to buff allies and debuff mobs; Also: Banebot
BHEHeroic EncountersRefers to a Major Heroic Encounter in the zone; often used as abbreviation for the BHE that's farmed the most on a map
BISClassesBest in slot; Refers to a character that owns the current best possible gear in all areas; Is also often used for toons close to the max
BTZonesThe Biggrin's Tomb weekly lair
BtSClassesThe Break the Spirit power of Devoted Clerics; often used to communicate the power loudout in parties that feature more than one DC
BufferClassesRefers to a build that excels in increasing the parties damage
BurnadinClassesRefers to a DPS build of Oathbound Paladins
CAStatsCombat Advantage
CAModules/CampaignsThe Cloaked Ascendancy module
ClosureHeroic EncountersThe Demonic Closure Heroic Encounter that can be found on several campaign maps; sometimes "CL"; rarely "DC"
CNDungeonsThe Castle Never dungeon
CODG/Cradle/CotDGDungeonsThe Cradle of the Death God trial; Also: Cradle or CotDG
ConqClassesThe Conquerer Feat Path of Guardian Fighters; Usually refers to a DPS build
CRDungeonsThe Castle Ravenloft dungeon
CrapticGeneralDerogative terms for Cryptic Studios, the developer of Neverwinter
CritStatsCritical Strike
CWClassesThe Control Wizard class
DCClassesThe Devoted Cleric class
Demo/nDemo/eDemoDungeonsThe Demogorgon trial; Also: nDemo for the normal version and eDemo for the epic/master version
DFStrongholdsThe Dragonflight guild event
DFZonesThe Death Forge daily lair in Dread Ring
DOClassesThe Divine Oracle Paragon Path of Devoted Clerics
DPSLFGDamage per second: Usually refers to a damage dealing build
DRZonesDragon Run; Used in lfg to recruit or join the Major Dragon Heroic Encounters in the Well of Dragons
Dragon/DRHeroic EncountersRefers to the Dragon Heroic Encounters of the Elemental Evil campaign; Usually used in lfg channels; Rarely: DR
DSZonesThe Dread Spire daily lair in Dread Ring
EXPLFGRequests or indicates an experienced player that has already beaten the content in the LFG/LFM request
farm/multi/multi farmLFGOften used in lfg or lfm requests to indicate that the group wants to run the announced content multiple times;
FBIDungeonsThe Fangbreaker Island dungeon
FFClassesThe Forgemaster's Flame power of Devoted Clerics; often used to communicate the power loudout in parties that feature more than one DC
Folly/MPFDungeonsThe Merchant Prince's Folly skirmish; Rarely: MPF
FreshHeroic EncountersIndicates that the mentioned Heroic Encounter just spawned and that there is enough time to switch instances and still make it before completion
GFClassesThe Guardian Fighter class
GMoPTradeThe Greater Mark of Potency, which is available on the Wondrous Bazaar and a key component in refining
GWFClassesThe Great Weapon Fighter class
HDPSLFGHigh DPS; Usually refers to a close to "bis" damage dealer
HoCZonesThe House of Crocodile weekly quest in the Soshenstar River zone
HRClassesThe Hunter Ranger Class
HuntLFGUsed to lfg for hunts in Chult and Ravenloft
ilvlStatsItem Level
LFG/LFLFGLooking for game; Is usually used by players to indicate that they are searching for a group; Rarely: LF
LFMLFGLooking for more. Is usually used by party leaders to recruit players for a run. Sometimes includes a number to indicate how many players are still missing (LF2M)
M14/M13/M12General"M" followed by a number is used to refer to a module with the given number; Also: Mod 12/13/14
MaraudersStrongholdsThe Stronghold Marauders guild event
MerchantEventsRefers to the Foreign Merchant of the annual Jubilee event in low level adventure zones; usually used in lfg channels
MoFClassesThe Master of Flame Paragon Path of Control Wizards; Usually players use this to refer to "buffing" builds
mSP/eSPDungeonsThe Master Spellplague Caverns dungeon; Rarely: eSP for Epic Spellplague Caverns
OPClassesThe Oathbound Paladin class
OppClassesThe Oppressor Feat Path of Control Wizards; Usually players use this to refer to "buffing" builds
PFZonesThe Phantasmal Fortress daily lair in Dread Ring
PST/PMGeneralPlease send tell; Players wants other to send him a tell as response for a request or question; also: PM for private message
PUGGeneralPick up group; Refers to a player queuing solo into dungeons to play with random strangers; Is also used as term for "unskilled" or "newbie"
PVEGeneralPlayer versus Environment; Refers to a cooperative mode in which players challenge the game's group and solo content
PVPGeneralPlayer versus Player; refers to a game mode in which players combat each other
QQGeneralOriginally the term was to tell people to just quit because they are unskilled, but is also used for "too much whining"
RAQLFGRandom Advanced Queue
RDZonesThe River District zone; Also sometimes used to refer to the Cloaked Ascendancy module as a whole
red/blue/green/blackStrongholdsRefers to one of the four dragons in the Dragonflight guild event; there's red/blue/green and black
ReneClassesThe Renegade Feat Path of Control Wizards; Usually players use this to refer to "buffing" builds.
RQLFGRandom Queues
SHEHeroic EncountersRefers to a Small Heroic Encounter in the zone; Often used to recruit or join a farm group ("LFG SHE")
ShipHeroic EncountersRefers to the Major "Trasure Ship" Heroic Encounter in the River District
SHSDungeonsStronghold Siege; Refers to the PVP map, but is usually used to recruit or lfg for the "Storming the Castle" weekly
Slaughter/SLHeroic EncountersThe Demonic Slaughter Heroic Encounter that can be found on several campaign maps; also: SL; rarely "DS"
SMoPTradeThe Superior Mark of Potency, which is available on the Wondrous Bazaar and a key component in refining
SSClassesThe Spellstorm Mage Paragon Path of Control Wizards; Usually players use this to refer to "DPS" builds.
SWClassesThe Scourge Warlock class
Temp/TemplockClassesThe Temptation Feat Path of Scourge Warlocks; Usually refers to a buffing build
ToAModules/CampaignsThe Tomb of Annihilation module
TONG/T9G/TotNGDungeonsThe Tomb of the Nine Gods dungeon; Also: T9G or TotNG
TRClassesThe Trickster Rogue class
TrapperClassesThe Trapper Feat Path of Hunter Rangers
UESDungeonsUltimate Enchanting Stone; a key component in the refining process and endgame dungeon reward
UMoPTradeThe Ultimate Mark of Potency, which is available on the Wondrous Bazaar and a key component in refining
VHDPSLFGVery High DPS; Usually refers to a "bis" damage dealer
WheelchairGeneralDerogative term for low-skilled players. Also: pug
WTBTradeWant to Buy; usually used as prefix in trade requests indicating that the players wants to buy the listed items
WTSTradeWant to Sell; usually used as prefix in trade requests indicating that the players wants to sell the listed items for AD
WTTTradeWant to Trade; usually used as prefix in trade requests indicating that the listed items are for trade
ZAXGeneralThe ZEN/Astral Diamond Exchange; a player-driven market where players can buy and sell the real-money currency ZEN for the ingame currency Astral Diamonds

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17 thoughts on “Learn the Neverwinter Slang with Our Abbreviations Guide [WIP]

  • Avatar
    August 6, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Nice list, I’d add the “ZAX” word, which comes with “backlog”, as it’s a thing we frequently have to explain to new people.
    Maybe also “Alt” for non-main character, “Ballad” for the Maze Engine weekly, and “Tia” and other dungeons (etos, esot, elol etc).
    I’m surprised you put “ToA” as I never see that name (always M12 or Chult), but didn’t put “ToD” for the Tyranny of Dragon campaign.

    Still a good list for beginners, always appreciated.

    • NWO_Unblogged
      August 6, 2018 at 11:26 pm

      Thanks. Will go through your list and add the stuff!

  • Avatar
    August 6, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    LOL! Excellent! Every new player should read this! Although it would be better to avoid ambiguity and reliance on context. EG, AC is only ever Armour Class with me, while Anointed Champion is AC DC and so on.

    And how to distinguish between Spellstorm, Storm Spell, Sure Strike, Shadow Strike etc? They can’t all be “SS”. SpS, StSp, SS, ShS?

    And Storm Warden HR vs Scourge Warlock? StW and SW?

    In PMs, although I avoid most abbreviations with new players, I am always getting asked:

    “What’s PE?”,
    “What’s AH” etc
    “What’s a Mod?”
    “What’s BtA/BoP/BtC?”

    ROFLMAO! I’d have thought any MMO player would know those.

    I have a few different ones, though.

    Combat Advantage Bonus I use CAB for CAB and CA.
    Companion Influence Bonus I use CIB and so on.

    AP I don’t use at all, although many do.

    Action Point/Gain I use APG for both,
    Armour Penetration is ArP (although I used to use ArPen, ArP is better for my character sheet spreadsheets).

    Pow = Power
    Crit = Critical Strike
    Rec = Recovery
    ArP = Armour Penetration
    Max hp = duh!
    DEF = Defence
    Deft = Deflect
    LfSt = Life Steal

    REG = Regeneration
    IncH = Incoming Healing
    MV = Movement (Run Speed)

    Stm = Stamina
    DoTR = Damage over Time resistance
    AoER = Area of Effect Resistance
    Rch = Recharge
    APG = Action Point Gain
    CCR = Crowd Control Bonus
    CCB = Crowd Control Resistance
    CAB = Combat Advantage Bonus
    CIB = Companion Influence Bonus



    • Avatar
      August 6, 2018 at 2:27 pm


      Of course, the CC ones should be reversed:

      CCB = Crowd Control Bonus
      CCR = Crowd Control Resistance

    • NWO_Unblogged
      August 6, 2018 at 11:26 pm

      Thanks. We’ll go through your list and add the stuff.

      • Avatar
        August 7, 2018 at 4:51 am

        Nice, help yourself.

        I merged my character creation, artifact, enchant and gear spreadsheets a while back and found the ultimate list of stats and abbreviations for those things. Some of the abbreviations they use on the Wiki are a little weird to me, and I never liked 2-letter codes, always prefer three. Or 4, if needed.


        AP for ArPen is a bit ambiguous as it can also be Action Points, so I use ArP

        And I just find it personally confusing when I see:

        Ds for DEF
        Dl for Deft
        Rg for REG
        LS for LfSt

        I’ve edited a few errors here and there on some powers and feats (I think they had the wrong name for an HR Archer feat), but I’m not going to touch that abbreviation stuff. Apart from a lot of time, it would just be terribly arrogant and rude to mess with someone else’s work like that, as they put in so much effort. And it works!

        I don’t mind updating class powers, features etc, EG some of the classes don’t have the rank up benefits, just the base, 1 rank tool tip.

        EG, for GF IV
        Ferocious Reaction
        When your hp drop below 15/22.5/30/37.5%, you regain 25% of your hp, the foe that hit you takes that much damage, and you gain a Damage Resistance buff for 10 sec. This effect can only occur once every 3.0/2.5/2.0/1.5 min

        I might get round to that one of these days, when I’ve double-checked my notes. I am finding GF the most fun at the moment.


  • Avatar
    August 6, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    I don’t know how ZAX could have been missed, smh. Also, the most pertinent question: what’s WIP mean?

    • NWO_Unblogged
      August 6, 2018 at 11:21 pm

      Part of thy we published this as “WIP” (work in progress) was so that the community could chip in and pitch us stuff. ZAX and other stuff that was mentioned will be added. Cheers!

  • Avatar
    August 7, 2018 at 5:24 am

    What is the “B” in BHE?

  • Avatar
    August 7, 2018 at 8:13 am

    ah = auction house
    bind = using a keyboard alias to target a player with a power by name (PC only, primarily for DCs and OPs)
    exalt = Exaltation (a DC power)
    gs = gear score (out dates, but still used in place of ilvl by some folks)
    pe = Protector’s Enclave
    req = Random Expert Dungeon

    • Avatar
      August 7, 2018 at 8:20 am

      bind should have been bind [player name] = …
      (I tried using lt/gt signs but it ate them)


      dc/dced = disconnect
      aggro = refers to having the focus / being the target of attack by an enemy
      mob = regular enemy
      pull = refers to running to the end of a section of a dungeon before fighting (“pull all the mobs to the end”)

    • Avatar
      August 7, 2018 at 5:39 pm

      dot = damage over time

  • Avatar
    August 7, 2018 at 8:41 am

    You forgot ‘Sent’

    But so have the Devs 😛

  • Avatar
    August 8, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    I used to use RIg for Resistance Ignored,
    but now I use DIg for Defences Ignored.

    I still use DR for Damage Resistance. I forget what they call it now, I think it’s “Damage Taken”.



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