Little News Out Of The Joint Community Maintenance Stream

The Community Managers of Star Trek Online and Neverwinter teamed up for a joint community stream yesterday during the day-long maintenance. It was mainly aimed at killing time, so it’s no surprise that we didn’t get substantial news out of the three hours. But nonetheless Lead Designer Thomas Foss and Systems Designer Chantelle Tatum and Douglas Miller stopped by and shared some stuff around the game. Here’s what they had to say!

Puerto Rico Help

It’s been roughly 30 days since hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and most of the state is still without electricity. Guild leaders might run into trouble if they can’t login because of that since rank 6 members can take over a guild in case its leader doesn’t show up for 30 days. That’s why Cryptic has extended this period to 60 days and will reevaluate the situation again. This could mean that other guilds have to wait longer to replace their mia leader, but I guess we can agree that this is the better solution for everyone.

Foundry Help

Not only Puerto Rico is getting help, but the foundry as well. Yes, that’s the foundry, as f-o-u-n-d-r-y. Has anybody within Cryptic found a resurrection spell that works despite Acererak and the Soulmonger?! Granted, they are just trying to get more Chult assets in the foundry and working on code upgrades that make it possible to bring the system up faster after each updates. But at least they are actually working on something. Especially them improving the code to make the foundry more maintainable is great news!

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No New Class or Race in M13, but a Dungeon!

This is probably not “news” to anyone, but a few players have speculated whether there might be a new race or class in Module 13. Thomas Foss dashed those hopes, they first want to get the balancing right, which could take a while. Also not really shocking is the fact that the next module will come with a dungeon. The devs have mentioned it on other occasions already and Douglas “Asterdahl” Miller once again confirmed he’s working on the bosses right now.


Looks like the October Bugfix Month is just a little piece of what Cryptic calls “Rocktober” behind the scenes. Both Thomas and Chantelle said they additionally have done a lot of full map and quest passes to clean up the little issues that have been lingering for a while. Literally the whole team is working on improving the code or fixing the bugs this month.

That’s out little summary of the joint maintenance stream. More substantial news can be expected from the release stream for “Swords of Chult” next week! In the meantime make sure to post your opinion in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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