Longtime Streamers Retired8404 and CDGamingNation Move On From Neverwinter

Today it’s time to say thanks to two longtime streamers that have decided to move on from Neverwinter. Both Redtired8404 and CDGamingNation streamed the game for the last time this week.

Retired started playing the game on PS4 on July 20th in 2016. Streaming actually happened as accident soon after, but he never stopped since. After spending a good amount of money and completing what he wanted to complete on three or more characters, he found himself asking what there was left to do? Starting yet another character and doing the same stuff all over again was little appealing. Additionally he wasn’t sold on what “Tomb of Annihilation” had in store, leading to the ultimate decision to leave the game. He gave away all his items, making it all but final.

Retired stated he will always be thankful for the players, the community managers and viewers. A special shout-out goes to his fellow streamers as well, which made the community feel like family. According to the stats site sullygnome.com he ranked 4th in total stream time during the last six months, so the absence will surely be felt.

We do not have equally detailed information about CDGamingNation’s background, but wish both guys and their channels best of luck in the future!

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One thought on “Longtime Streamers Retired8404 and CDGamingNation Move On From Neverwinter

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    September 1, 2017 at 5:25 am

    Chris the Destroyer also quit NW this week. He wasn’t a huge streamer but he was regular. One of the best GWFs on Xbox.


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